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Check My Case Status


A review on uscis case status

It would be essential for you to locate your uscis case status. Without knowing its process and status, you cannot move forward to further proceedings. Further, you would have to locate your case status. Therefore, newallgalabingo is here intending to serve and help you to check your status online. Let us discuss things in detail.

Uscis login with instructions

As we know that there would be an email box and password box. So, you need to provide your email in the first box and password in the second box. While providing your email, be careful. Most noteworthy, you can save your login information in Notes or Keep Notes app. On the other hand, if you forget the login details, you can click on the forget password or email.

uscis case status login

Whenever you type uscis case status, you get an interface with the login of receipt number. This tool is for checking and tracking an immigration application, petition, and request.

What is the uscis case receipt number and how does it work?

From the very beginning, if you have a receipt number, you can easily log in and check your USCIS status online. Further, this number has 13-digits. For instance, EAC, LIN, WAC, and SRC can be their starting figures. If you want to check your status, insert your receipt number without dashes.


Another tool in the form of case status uscis via phone

Nowadays, phones have a lot of importance and we use them for connectivity. If you have lost your receipt number or login details, there is another option in the form of a uscis status check via phone.

Here is the number1 (800) 375-5283 that you can use to call. Do not worry because it is an official number that is only for your help.

Another tool for checking uscis case status

On the other side, this field is very wide and uscis provides e-mail services and you can drop an email for further information. You just need to generate an email and send it to their official email address. As a result, you will receive an email as a reply. So, we can say that it is a helpful resource.

Visit the office and check case status

If you are unable to track your case status and its timings, you need to visit the office physically. If you visit and put your case in front of the staff members, they can guide you perfectly. Firstly, you would have to get an appointment. Then, visit the field office of USCIS. As a result, you can get solutions to your problems.

OPT-tracker for checking the status  

If you have queries and you are looking forward to receiving their answer, stay connected with newallgalabingo.

OPT-tracker is a platform that assists you to receive more information about the case and status. A lot of people upload information on it and share their experiences. So, this is another helping tool that can assist you.

What are the processing time and criteria for checking uscis case status?

If you have submitted a case and looking forward to tracking its processing timings, don’t worry because we provide you proper information about it.

Firstly, you can check with the help of your login ID. As we have talked about the receipt number above, it will surely help you. Secondly, when they start working on your project, they will notify you. There are the following hints of getting your case within 60 days:

  1. You receive a notice from us about your case,
  2. Then, respond to a request for evidence,
  3. At last, receive an online update to your case status.

On the other hand, if you are unable to locate your case on the website through your receipt number, there is another thing happening to your case. In this case, your application will take 6 months to proceed.

Uscis Case in other situations

If you are a DACA and going to apply for the second time, it takes 105 days. On the other hand, you can call at (800) 375-5283.

On the other side, if you apply for the first time, it will take 30 days. First, they will check your application, judge, and review it. Then, they pass and show it on your uscis case status portal. In this way, you can check the pending date, how many days are left, and its activation.

Final message to take home

To conclude, you have proper information about log-in and tools for checking your USCIS case status whether online or offline. Now, you can check your information on your own behalf. In addition, we discussed the process timing and that is helpful for you. And newallgalabingo has provided you fresh ideas and new information about the best tools for checking status.


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