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My biggest takeaway from 8 months of link building


I promised yesterday to cover the biggest thing I learned after an 8 month link building case study.

Here it is:

You can’t rank in Google without branded anchor text.

Let’s say you are trying to rank a new website for the keyword “backlink management software”.

Here’s a common mistake most people make.

They use this for their first anchor text:

  • Link management software
  • Best backlink management software
  • Top link manager software
  • Link management tool

Before they know it, 60% of the anchor text profile is keyword based, leaving little or no room for the other anchor text types, like branding.

If you’ve tipped off the Google bot this way in the past, you probably know what comes next.

Destination: Page 2.

Without a branded homepage profile, Google has no reason to trust your site.

Google wants to deliver quality sites on page 1 and quality sites care about branding.

In fact, we’ve been able to rank sites with JUST using branding anchor text!

So, if you are kicking off a new website – make sure you build branded links. And fast.

Need a little kick start to your branded link profile? Hit the reply button and let me know!

To sum up, so far I’ve mentioned 2 anchor text types: keyword-based and brand-based.

There are actually 13 anchor types in total.

And tomorrow, I’ll send you a detailed email covering the rest of those anchor text types, including examples.

So keep your eyes peeled for an email from me tomorrow.

And make sure to start thinking about how you can start branding your website better.

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