Celebrities express outrage over Motorway rape incident

Many have called for the public execution of the perpetrators


In the past few days, Pakistan has witnessed a series of crimes related to sexual assault. The latest of such incidents took place on Wednesday wherein a woman was gang-raped during a robbery on the Lahore motorway. According to the police, the victim was travelling by her children in a car when the vehicle stalled due to lack of petrol. She called her relative and sent him her location on the motorway. When the relative arrived on the location, he reportedly saw the victim driving the car towards him with broken window panes.

This incident along with the ones preceding has caused an uproar on social media with many public figures demanding swift justice with stringent punishments so that cases of such nature are curbed.

Read more: https://tribune.com.pk/story/2263390/celebrities-express-outrage-over-motorway-rape-incident

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