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Have the best quality food with a great ambiance at Sylvania Indian Restaurant


Is it possible traditional cooking can be life-changing? Many people have started the family business but with time it has developed a lot. People started to realize that cooking is the special one, and it is completely different from what they used to get it customized into. One of them increased the popularity of the Indian restaurant because of the way Indian food tastes and the way spices are added which makes the entire taste even better.

Sylvania Indian Restaurant is touching the hearts of the customers by offering them the food which not only tastes the best but the way it is cooked is also the best. There are only a few food options that are going to imitate the savor of this cooking. At an affordable price, you will get the best quality food.


Get the best and rarest dishes from Sylvania Indian Restaurant

Sylvania Indian Restaurant has become famous because of the increased demand if Indian cuisine. It has given the people an additional option to try something flavorsome and delicious.

  • Special and fresh ingredients

At our restaurant, all the ingredients used are fresh and special. The chef does a little bit of analysis which helps to make the entire dish taste even better. This way you are going to get a delicious dish with all the fresh ingredients added to it.

  • Try something new every time

Indian cuisine is extremely fast. From North to South every dish has its taste. Every meal is prepared luxuriously and served with such elegance that no one can control themselves to eat it right away.

  • Biryani lovers

One of the dishes which has become extremely famous is Biryani. For native Indians, this food option comes with religious connotations. Just try it once, and you are going to get extreme pleasure with it.

  • Get the taste of Indian spiciness

If you wish to try something spicy, then your search will end right here. If you want to decrease the level of spiciness in the dish then you can do that easily. It is simply your wish what option you need to try as per your taste.


Notable Features of the Sylvania Indian Restaurant

At our restaurant, you will get everything from spicy to sweet. Indians are known for their love for Indian sweets. You can try the most loved Indian dessert option like Kulfi and Gajar halwa. If you think you can try to make the home and get the same way our chef makes, then you are wrong. Our chefs know in and out about Indian cooking & they are going to accustom the flavor in such a way that you cannot stop indulging in it.

Well, it is not just about the food but the atmosphere you will get at our restaurant is the best. Try the classic Indian meal or go with the dessert, the choice is yours but we ensure to serve you the best dish. Just visit us once, and you are going to come here every time you crave Indian food.

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