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What are the top tips to grow your hair after undergoing hair transplant surgery?


There are lots of people suffering from hair loss result in balding. there are many reasons due to which you experience balding are mentioned below:

  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Insufficient Nutrition
  • Medications

people experience two types of balding such as temporary and permanent. The people who are experiencing temporary balding will get hair back on their head. But the people suffering from permanent hair loss need a surgical procedure. But need not to worry, hair transplant is there for you. You will get your hair backs on the head after undergoing hair restoration treatment.

What is hair transplant surgery?

In this, the surgeon will transplant your hair on the back of the scalp and transplant it into the area where the patient is suffering from a hair loss problem. Below down let us see the tips to grow the hair after undergoing the hair transplantation surgery.

Benefits of hair transplant

  • The xrocedure is pain-free.
  • This is a one-time procedure.
  • It gives natural results.

What are the tips to grow hair back on the scalp?

  • Apply medicine

You should apply medicine softly on your scalp. But make sure the medicine you are applying should be prescribed by the doctor. You should not put any pressure on the scalp otherwise instead of healing you will end up harming your scalp. You should not wash your hair until your doctor will say yes. After taking permission from your doctor you should wash your hair gently.

  • Don’t touch the scalp

You will feel a little itching but you are not allowed to touch your scalp. If you touch your scalp it will not heal properly. You should not scratch your head on any cost.

  • Avoid physical Activity

After undergoing the hair restoration surgery you should avoid psychical activities that are mentioned below:

  • Bicycling
  • Running
  • Gym

At least for a week you should take proper rest and restrict yourself from doing any rigorous activity.

  • Eat Healthy food

You should consume healthy food. You should add green vegetables, fruits, nuts and much more for faster recovery. You should also drink gallons of water daily. Eating blueberries, squash, peppers, and cherries will help you in growing your hair back.

  • Massage your scalp

You should massage your scalp softly with oil that are mentioned below:

  • Add rosemary, peppermint and lavender oil in a bowl.
  • Add regular oil.
  • Mix all the oil properly

You should apply this oil twice every week.

  • Use Minoxidil

You should ask your doctor whether you can use minoxidil. It will help you in growing your hair. While applying the solution make sure your scalp is clean. Also, wash your hands or you can wear gloves.

Bottom Line

These are the tips that will help you in growing your hair. If you are searching for the best surgeon for hair transplant surgery then get in touch with us. Book your appointment and we will help you in the best possible way.

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