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What is a beef knuckle and what are the tips to prepare it adequately?


The festive season is around the corner and of course, you are looking for different dishes for your family as well as for your guest. Making beef, the chicken will be on the top of the priority list right. But the thing is from where you will get the fresh meat. If you are looking for the best butcher Brisbane then visit Rock n roll butcher. Keeping the festive season in mind we are going to discuss beef knuckle and how to prepare it.


What is knuckle?

It is a subprimal ( step between primal cut and a portion cut ) from the beef round. Depending on the carcase weight it varies from 4 kg to 6 kg. This is a very lean beef cut after the removal of the knuckle cap. There are different names of knuckle mentioned below:


  • The ball of around
  • Round tip
  • Tip centre
  • Thick flank
  • Beef ball tip roast
  • Sirloin tip roast
  • French roll roast


What is beef knuckle?


Do you know how many muscles in the beef knuckle are there in beef? There are 4 muscles  present in the beef knuckle and these are mentioned below:

  • Rectus femoris
  • Vastus intermedius
  • Vastus lateralis
  • Vastus medialis


Muscles in the beef knuckle mentioned below:


  • Femur Muscle

This is a type of muscle which is joined to the femur containing fat and gristle which a person should remove. It also contains a layer of tissue which is joined with the femur.


  • Wedge Muscle

This muscle is a thin outer covering of connective tissues and from inside it is a silverskin. This wedge muscle is a lean piece of beef. The butcher is having various options for cuts and can be sliced for dishes mentioned below:

  • Minute steaks
  • Sandwich steaks
  • Philly cheesesteak
  • Beef stroganoff

You are having the option of roasting also but the person needs to add the fat because it is very lean.


  • Bullet muscle

In bullet muscle, there is no need for removal of connective tissue as they will melt during roasting. It is divided into two sub cuts by cutting the silver skin.


How to remove the knuckle cap?

For removing the knuckle cap the person should divide the muscles separately.


  • Remove the femur muscle from the knuckle and remove any type of fat meat contains.
  • The person should remove the wedge muscle from bullet one.
  • The person should divide the bullet muscle by diving the thin silver skin into two different parts.


Trimming and cutting 


These are the following steps for cutting and trimming the meat mentioned below:

  • Use a sharp knife.
  • With a sharp knife, cut all the connective tissues.
  • Remove all the fat also from the meat.
  • The person should cut it until the knuckle is properly cut down.


These are all about a beef knuckle and the tips to prepare it properly. If you are looking to make meat then do not forget to buy the fresh meat from the butcher shop. Remember to select the butcher shop which is tidy and clean. Also do not forget to check the ratings, reviews, location of the shop.

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