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5 Ways To Pamper and Romance Your Husband


It’s easy to get caught in the daily routine of your life. Amidst taking care of the home, nurturing your children, and then some of you may be working as well; it’s natural that you may have put your relationship with your husband to a backseat. And, especially in the current times where we all are locked up in houses with so much to take care of, you really don’t think of your relationship with your husband because all that’s on your mind is work, cleaning the house, taking care of children, and other important things. 

But, you are not only a dedicated homemaker, a mother, or an excellent professional; you are also a loving and doting wife. Isn’t it? Therefore, pampering your husband is essential. He may not demand it because he understands, but he secretly wishes. Let’s be honest; men do like to be loved. Keep up the spark alive in your relationship by romancing him whenever you can. Don’t let the daily hum-drum dull your equation with your husband. Most importantly, you too deserve a break from the monotony of life. 


So, we would like to help you out!. Here are some of the ways in which you can pamper and romance your husband. These are easy and practical ways, won’t cost much of your time. 


  1. Wake Him Up and Kiss Him GoodBye: Get up earlier than him, and wake him up. If he likes to have his bedtea, then prepare a cup of hot tea and wake him up. You can also have tea with him in the bed. Then, as he goes for a shower, iron his clothes and get it ready. Choose a shirt for him, arrange all his belongings, prepare him breakfast, and kiss him goodbye to the office. If you can, walk with him to the car, and stay there until he leaves. 


  1. Feed Him: Now, you must be thinking what’s new in this? It’s not a regular breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s something extra special; just for him. Prepare a dish or a snack he likes. You could ask him what he would love to eat in the evening after he comes back from the office. We are sure there is at least one dish he keeps praising that his mom makes the best. Ask his mother the recipe of the dish and cook for him. He will be speechless. 


  1. Quiet Time: “Me-time” is essential for well-being. He works around the clock and shoulders all the responsibilities. He deserves the much-needed me time, where he can relax or be by himself. Give him that break. If you want to help him, then there are ways to do it silently. If he is a bibliophile and likes to spend time with books alone, order new reads for him or gift him Kindle. Then, beautify his reading space with plants. Plants enhance concentration and boost the mood. Make sure your kids don’t disturb him during his me-time. Keep them busy with something else. Serve him coffee or tea, and then leave him alone for a bit. 


  1. Body and Head Massage: Massage is a great way to relax and unwind. Oil massages relieve stress from the body and mind. He can go to a salon, but volunteer to become his masseur. Give him a nice head and body massage so he can feel rejuvenated. You can set the vibe and mood by lighting some candles and using aromatic oils. The Bonus: physical touch is important for intimacy. This is one good way to foster your connections with him. 


  1. Celebrate Him:  Celebrate Him! Life gives you many opportunities where you can celebrate him. His birthday, your anniversary, Father’s Day, International Men’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or him getting a promotion, etc. etc. Look forward to opportunities where you can celebrate him. On that day, do something for him. Pamper him with appreciation, gifts, and of course a cake. Avail online cake delivery in Mumbai to your doorstep, and celebrate him sweetly. If possible, throw a surprise party also in his honour. 


Make love to your husband. Make him feel he is special to you than anything else in life. Relationships are to be fostered with care, so do take care of your most precious relationship with your husband. 

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