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Business Growth Research on COVID-19's Effect on Ecommerce


The year 2020 is undoubtedly a period of uncertainty. The global pandemic has severely affected the market across the globe. What is more depressing is that with every passing day, the pandemic seems to look uncontrollable. With millions of death globally, people are adapting to the change in the pattern of life. Moreover, the government and the local authorities have strictly recommended people to stay at home and help the community block the transmission chain.

Still, imposing a complete lockdown is no more possible, and businesses are now looking the other way to deal with this situation. Although the global pandemic has been a big concern, technology does have the correct answer when dealing with such a situation. Through digital, offering service has been quite systematic.

Fact: A research conducted in 2015 shows that business owners wanted to transform their service to digital; however, only 25 percent went digital. But, since the rise of COVID-19 transmission, there has been a tremendous shift.

Meanwhile, with a significant network of brand and retailers sites as our customers, the Columbus digital marketing company has collected the latest e-commerce growth data. Here’s what you need to emphasize:

  • Some stores began serving customers since early May while others opened by June
  • The website page view went up by 75%
  • Customers preferred essential items during the early pandemic
  • Shoppers now focus on home and garden improvement products
  • Toys and games are still high demanding products in the market
  • Food, beverage, and tobacco has seen 176% growth since the reopening

Columbus Digital Marketing Company’s Insight On Purchase Behaviour

While May 2020 experienced sustained growth, businesses that include education, financial service, and real estate saw page view growth to double, and the service order accelerated to 216%. With travel bans being lifted, services are being efficiently utilized. For instance, in the US, hotel bookings and air travel are trending. More housing listings are appearing online.

Facts: Over 30% of the internet browsing session will happen without a screen

Shoppers are efficiently managing their business online, and more and more listings are being conducted. Marketing agencies Columbus, Ohio, sees a transforming growth in online business. There have also been spikes in reviews and ratings, and the influx of such reviews and questions from shoppers help others buy service confidently.

Resilient Scopes from Digital Agency Columbus Ohio For Ecommerce

It has been a mixed bag for e-commerce over the last few months. Interestingly, we have seen traffic growth smoothly. The physical stores may have to face the worst, but online stores are seeing their best. Here are some proven techniques used to appeal to customers.

Extend Generous Return Policies

New consumers may be hesitant to purchase as they cannot get a physical touch, Digital marketing agency Columbus advise e-commerce stores to provide reassurance policy and develop trust.

Never Overestimate Personalization

Small and midsize retailers can have a positive experience when offering service personally; however, it is best not to become hyper-personal. Such things do more harm than else.
Emphasize on Multiple Marketing Points

Ecommerce stores should run as many digital campaigns as possible. You should hire marketing agencies of Columbus, Ohio, where you can run varieties of marketing strategies to build a business online.

In-Demand Products After the Pandemic

The market has already shifted, and with no vaccine availability in the current phase, most of the firms would not like to recall their business anymore. While website design company Columbus has helped in bringing an overall shift, here are the products and services that would stay digital in coming times.

These include

  • Proactive health-minded purchase (health and wellness products)
  • Health management products (protective gears like hand sanitizers, masks)
  • Pantry services (groceries and household products)
  • Education (school-based education towards online)
  • Entertainment (increase in popularity of digital streaming)

Trending Supplies since the Pandemic

  • Toys and games
  • Art and entertainment
  • Sporting goods
  • Animal and pet supplies
  • Hardware and software
  • Health and beauty products
  • Food, beverage, and tobacco

The Future of Ecommerce

There is a meek chance of going back to the past. As 90% of the overall business is now transforming towards the online medium, COVID-19 has brought the transition into overdrive. This has forced retailers to adopt the change. With digital marketing Columbus assisting in defining business, e-commerce has already been our reality. Perhaps, e-commerce will play a vital role in the upcoming future.

Fact: The global e-commerce market is estimated to reach over $ 5.8 trillion by 2022

Similarly, the outlook for e-commerce looks to be positive, thereby opening a broad free and fair business environment. As people become more comfortable, the demand for e-commerce will comprehensively grow. Therefore, brands need to start investing in the platform and infrastructure as they move ahead.

Final Thought

Change is always tough. The global pandemic has left us in flux. As customers are trying their best to adapt to the current scenario, Columbus marketing agency is trying their best to help businesses build a platform. The challenge lies in securing the right position, while our resources and strategies will benefit the long run.




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