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Add Instagram Feed On Shopify – Without An App

use instagram feeds


If you look at the big ecommerce stores you will find they are rigorously using social media posts for their marketing purposes.

One of the major social media platforms that ecommerce stores are using is Instagram as there are millions of users who share their experiences on a regular basis through attractive posts.

As these are engaging and attractive to customers, big brands use them in their marketing campaigns to attract more visitors.

These Instagram posts not only engage people but convert them into customers. These are making a huge impact on sales thus you should also include it in your marketing strategies.

But why should you use Instagram feed or what are the benefits of using Instagram feed?

As half of the global population is active on Instagram and about 80 percent of users are adults, this brings a great opportunity for ecommerce websites to market their products.

When people see other people talking about any product or service and sharing their experience, this influences and encourages them to have the same experience with that product.

It is found that people make clicks on instagram when they see any product or service review and show curiosity to buy it immediately, it can be subscribes, click, or sales.

So many brands start their selling through instagram feeds by placing them on their website. This helps in engaging customers as they read about the reviews and recommendations by the existing customers.

Not only this, there are huge benefits of using instagram feeds on your website. Let’s learn what more Instagram feeds can do for your Shopify store.

Benefits Of Instagram Feeds

Increase Brand Image

When using Instagram feed on Shopify stores, it is helpful in increasing your brand image as real people are saying about your business, not you.

When you display Instagram posts on your ecommerce website, it will show the authenticity of the content and people will believe in your brand because of the good social reach.

Instagram feeds show how much your customers are happy with your brand and how your products and services are helpful to them.

Happy customers are the key to build strong brand image and increase brand awareness. You can use Instagram feed on Shopify stores to show your new customers about the brand’s social reach.

Increase Interaction

Visual content is more interactive than only text content. Similar to the social media interface, adding Instagram feeds on your stores increases the time of interaction as people like to watch visuals instead of reading text.

Instagram feeds make your content interesting as well as effective for marketing purposes. You can display more content that is relevant to your brand and your customer experience.

By using Instagram feeds on your Shopify store you can give the same experience to the audience as they get on the social media platforms.


Technology has changed and the way of shopping also. People want to make instant purchases rather than going on other websites or searching for the product. With the new technology you can embed Instagram feed on Shopify store and make your customers buy directly as they .

With new technology you can make the post from where your customers will directly purchase instead of searching for the product.


But how are you going to do this and harness the benefit of Instagram feeds on your shopify store? Here below are the two methods by which you can use Instagram feeds on your shopify store and engage your customers in a way that they make purchases.

Tools To Embed Instagram Feed

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a great tool to embed Instagram feed on Shopify stores. It is a simple and effective tool that collects, curates, and displays social media platforms on your website or any other digital platform.

Why should you use Taggbox Widget? It is a highly popular social media aggregator that big brands and corporates are using to fetch relevant instagram feeds to make their website more attractive and impactful.

Using hashtags, mentions, or account profiles, you can generate social media feeds and display on your website. You will also get options to customize feeds according to website design. You can customize feeds in the way you want them to your website. Start using a 14 days free trial to get an idea how Instagram feeds are helpful for your business.

With Taggbox, you can also make shoppable posts in which you can place product links and buy buttons so that costumes can be bought directly without searching or redirecting to any other page.

With Taggbox you can also use analytics and measure the performance of your social media feeds.

Instagram Official

If you want to embed Instagram feeds on Shopify stores for free then Instagram itself is the best tool that you can use.

It is a manual process in which first you have to choose the image you want, click on the three dots and copy the Embed code. Paste it in the backend of the website. Make sure to place the code where you want to display the image and do not make any changes in the code otherwise it will not work.

The only issue you will face with Instagram is that you can place code for one image at a time. There is also not any option for customization, measure analytics, moderation in content, multiple posts, live updates, and making interactive designs.

Due to this Instagram is not a perfect tool for many brands and they are looking for an all-in-one social media aggregator where they get complete solutions.


In this article you will come to know how the instagram feeds are helpful to your brand. If you want to stand out in the competition then incorporating social media feeds has become essential.

Instagarm feeds make your website more engaging and interactive that you should use in this growing competition.

This engagement also turns your visitors into conversions and brings higher revenue to your business.

Thus use Instagram feeds on your Shopify store and harness the power of social media in this growing competition.

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