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Ido Fishman Explains What You Should Eat In Winter


Winter is upon us. In some parts of the world it has already started and in some, it will start soon. The sunshine which was annoying in summers, will become a blessing in winters. But this is the season in which people of all ages get sick time and again. Fever, flu and common cold are frequent problems, yet we love winters because this is the time when you can try different fashion clothing, eat warm pies and arrange barbecue nights. 

But according to Ido Fishman  , we can enjoy the beauty of winter by avoiding getting sick during the months of winters. Ido Fishman explains that this is possible if we can keep our bodies healthy and give a boost to our immune system. He is of the view that the best way of keeping yourself in good health is by adding nutritious diet in your routine, which can help you fight against sicknesses, such as flu and common cold.

Let us have a look at what type of foods Ido Fishman has to suggest during the months of winter that can keep our immune systems boosted to fight off customary illnesses.

Start off your day with mild breakfast

It is always good to have a mild breakfast which will give you energy all day long. Generally, people skip breakfast, which in fact does not do any good. However, not taking food at due times would certainly leave your body not wanting the food later on. This then leads to fat bellies and gaining too much weight. So Ido Fishman suggests that you must take your breakfast but preferably light food. Starting off your day with oats, cereals, milk and of course fruits (which have rich quantity of liquids) are highly recommended.

Vitamin C enriched foods

During lunch time, Ido Fishman suggests that you should look for food which is enriched with Vitamin C. He explains that Vitamin C is the essential vitamin for boosting immunity. Vegetables such as potatoes, red peppers, tomatoes and fruits (which contain high amount of citrus) are great sources of providing the required quantities of Vitamin C within the body.

Look for Zinc – immunity booster

According to Ido Fishman, Zinc is one of the most popular sources of fighting against illnesses during the peak and off-peak months of winters. Various researches have been compiled on Zinc and all of them suggest that Zinc is vital for reducing cold. It is said that it helps in the reduction of cold for a day or two. The use of Zinc in children who are faced with upper respiratory issues during winters, Zinc could be greatly beneficial for getting rid of annoying upper respiratory problems.


Dark green vegetables such as Spinach are also a great source of providing Zinc naturally. Taking legumes as food is also a great for ensuring that your body is provided with enough quantity of Zinc which will in return boost your immunity to fight against winter illnesses.

Foods containing Iron will reduce chances of cold

Taking good quantity of iron in your diet is essential in all four seasons. Iron is also best known for keeping upper respiratory system in order because it is the main component of our body which carries oxygen to the tissues and cells existing. In case our body is lacking Iron, this could cause Anemia. The shortage of iron can also lead to difficulty in breathing as well. So Ido Fishman suggests that while in cold weather it becomes difficult to breath normally therefore it is must that we should intake a balanced quantity of iron in our diet.


According to Ido Fishman beans and lentils, red meats, baked potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables are great source of providing Iron. If you feel that you still lack the required quantity of Iron, then there are various supplements easily available in the market which can be used to fulfill the shortage in your body.

Sea Food and the use of Cheese and Eggs

Well everyone loves sea food and if you are good in shape why not try on some Cheese. 


Sea foods are recommended in winters as they keep your body warm. Eggs are also recommended for fighting off cold. Ido Fishman explains that Vitamin B12 is essential for keeping immune system functioning properly. It also reduces fatigue and tiredness. So ensuring that you intake lots of Vitamin B12 during winter months, you would need to include sea foods, such as Cod and Salmon as well as eggs and cheese in your diet. In this way you will be providing your body with the required amount Vitamin B12. 

Cold remedies – Ginger, Garlic and Sugar

People who are diet conscious are afraid of the name “sugar”. But interestingly sugar intake can let you fight against winter illnesses. All you have to do is to make sure that you don’t take sugar too much. There are other vegetables also which are best known as cold remedies and without any doubt for centuries they are being used to fight cold and other illnesses. These famous vegetables are Ginger and Garlic.


People don’t like them due to their smell and bitter taste however the nature has blessed both of them with super remedial powers. Using both in soups and in food will not only ensure that your immune system is in order to fight against cold illnesses but will also help digestive system to remain intact. It is also scientifically proven that a few slices of garlic and ginger in boiled water can ease sore throat, cough and upper respiratory issues.

End Thoughts

According to Ido Fishman, though the diet plays a vital role in keeping you healthy during winter season yet doing a little bit of exercise, and having a good sleep, will also energize your immune system to remain strong and healthy against common illnesses during the months of winter. Taking too much stress, working for late hours, lack of exercise and a good nap will surely deplete our immunity. But ensuring a good diet, proper sleep and exercises will ensure that we are not too much vulnerable against winter illnesses. 

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