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How to spend time in quarantine?

Quarantine is a concept that originally originated in France. In quarantine, a mixture of French and Italian, quarantine means forty and tyne means day. For this reason, this special stay of forty days is called quarantine. This process actually started because if people from other continents brought any disease or epidemic with them, they would not see anyone for forty days and during that time the symptoms of their disease would become clear and otherwise if they If you are healthy,


The world is going through a very difficult time right now. Every hundred is an atmosphere of fear terror and depression. Social connections are disconnected. Everyone suffers from stress. A virus has spread all over the world and in this whole situation, whether one is rich or poor, of any color or race, he is the target of this epidemic. Neither a person’s wealth can be a cover for him, nor his status. Wonder is a world of helplessness. In such a case, mental exhaustion will not be a unique thing.

Especially when this deadly disease has gripped the whole world and the number of deaths is increasing day by day, in such a situation, everyone has lost his life. No vaccine has yet been developed that can protect against the effects of the epidemic, nor is there any cure. In such a case, if there is any measure to prevent this epidemic, it is to quarantine oneself. That is, to isolate oneself from all others. It can be a source of resilience not only for an individual but also for the collective.


Quarantine is a concept that originally originated in France. In quarantine, a mixture of French and Italian, quarantine means forty and tyne means day. For this reason, this special stay of forty days is called quarantine. This process actually started because if people from other continents brought any disease or epidemic with them, they would not see anyone for forty days and during that time the symptoms of their disease would become clear and otherwise if they If you are healthy, you can enter the city without any worries. If we look at Islamic history, there are concepts similar to quarantine, such as the sixth caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate, Al-Waleed, built a hospital for leprosy patients in Damascus between 706 AH and 707 AH, where leprosy patients were kept separate. The purpose was to prevent the spread of the disease.

With this in mind, quarantine seems to be the best option if you look at the current situation. The Corona virus, which has spread from the city of Wuhan in China to 198 countries, has not only affected health but has also led to a global economic crisis. Businesses have closed, the stock market has plummeted and the index has fallen to its lowest level in a century. The education system, transportation, religious and political activities have all been badly affected. Lockdown situation is visible all over the world.

The Corona virus outbreak, which started in December 2019, has led to depression rather than hope, happiness and progress in 2020, leading to depression. In a situation where almost all employees and students have been sent home, some of whom have been encouraged to work online and take classes, life is deviating from the normal routine. Governments and medical experts have repeatedly instructed people to quarantine themselves. The quarantine does not have to be a hospital, but it can be a room at home that ensures limited social interaction. Now that, according to Aristotle, man is a social animal and can suffer from depression after isolating himself, in this case, the following measures can be helpful to save him from the disturbing situation.


Severe depression in quarantine


Man is killed in ignorance. That’s right. Dr. Zucker, an American psychologist, believes that there are usually a large number of people who go home in distress after suffering from severe depression due to anxiety and other psychological problems. But other factors, such as poverty and fear of a life-threatening illness or epidemic, also lead to depression. For example, they should not be affected by themselves or their loved ones. In this regard, experts say that awareness of the symptoms of depression is the only way to avoid any kind of worst situation.

Symptoms of depression that need to be addressed immediately. Symptoms include feeling depressed all the time, not wanting to leave bed, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, addiction to drugs, smoking, and extreme loneliness. Are In addition, intense anger, destructive thoughts, self-harming thoughts and despair predominate. In case of such symptoms, family members, friends and co-workers should be identified. Because such a state of mind can be dangerous. Especially in the current situation of corona virus, medical experts give some tips to prevent depression, which are offered.


Give yourself time


Thoughts are like waves. There is a constant flow of ideas. Sometimes when you feel helpless, that helplessness is not necessarily eternal, but a momentary state that can be characteristic of the situation. It is true that Code-19 has exposed the helplessness of the world in the face of calamities and there is no doubt that everyone is feeling helpless and helpless as you may be. No need because after every darkness light is waiting for you. There must be a morning after every night.

How well a poet has said that “the evening of sorrow is long, but it is evening”, that is, time passes. If there is a period of despair now, then hope will also dawn. There is always nothing left. Give yourself a little time to explain that well we are going through a bad time but

This time will also pass. Is the name of the ups and downs of life. The coming of good and bad times is the rule of nature and man will be disappointed if he admits that he cannot evade the law of nature.




In this dangerous situation of Coronavirus, of course, as soon as the name of the party is heard, questions will start to arise in the minds of everyone that how and why the party can do in such a situation? So remember we are living in the digital age where virtual reality is far away. We avoid meeting each other in real life, but in a virtual world, we are all socially connected. Whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, video calling, and group calling, everyone can come together and plan a virtual party. The simple solution is to text your friends or family a day in advance so that we can all be online and have tea together.

In such a virtual party you will all be able to see each other and have fun but the most important thing is that no one will be afraid of getting infected with the virus because the social distance on social media is still there. The reins of technology are in your hands, so turn it at will.


Be helpful, the prayers of the elders


Adolescence is full of enthusiasm. Meaningless engagements are also confusing and time is not predictable. But on the contrary, it is more difficult for older people to spend time. Especially after quarantining themselves in Code-19, such people are 20 times more likely to go into depression. Being cut off from family makes them feel lonely. In such cases, older people, like young people, do not have special knowledge of technology and cannot meet their friends. So they get frustrated. In such a situation, the youth should take the prayers of their elders and put smiles on their emaciated faces. Take food for quarantined elders, write letters to them, send books as gifts. Being helpful is the most important weapon to compete. If you can’t do it yourself, donate to a trusted organization that caters to the elderly.


Get in touch


In Corona’s atmosphere, where physical contact must be avoided, there is an urgent need to strengthen spiritual contact. It is very important to stay in touch with your Creator. He knows best how to avert a plague. Conscious people can better understand the world of human helplessness in this whole situation. If anyone has the authority, it is Allah Almighty who can fix everything by saying ‘Who’ and if he wants, he can destroy it. Instead of considering the coronavirus as a punishment from Allah, consider it a test and ask the Lord for the forgiveness of your minor and major sins by assuring them of your helplessness. Pray for good in both this world and the hereafter. Strengthen your relationship with your Lord and religion. At present, in all countries, regardless of their religion, people are attracted to their religion and are making the journey from medicine to prayer.

Adherence to religion or adherence to religious teachings is not a bad thing, but those who are in the race for commercialism and consumerism are not only disgusted by this, but also in the struggle to hate others, as a result of which they There are benefits, but the afterlife is at a loss. But the decision is in man’s own hands. Meditate while quarantined. If you are a Muslim, then pray, recite the Qur’an or read your holy books whichever religion you belong to. Strengthen your relationship with your Lord. Doing so will give you peace of mind and at the same time the clouds of despair over your mind and heart will dissipate and you will get out of the fear of Corona.


Stay in touch with the doctor


Many physicians have started offering their services online in view of the current situation. Many physicians now check their patients online or virtually, but in view of the risks of the corona, there are no doctors available for patients who have not already been examined by a doctor, who are now available online at various websites. Or check patients with numbers and prescribe medication. Psychologists in particular are more active at this time because quarantine sufferers are more prone to mental disorders. In such cases, if you feel excessive heaviness and there is a risk of self-harm, the doctor can be contacted. Always stay in touch even if you are practicing ear piercing.




Spending the whole day in quarantine is a bit of a chore and sitting in one place can lead to fatigue as well as weight gain. So the best way to do this is to exercise. Set a time in the day to exercise. If possible, go for a walk, but with precautions. Keep at least six feet away from other people. Exercise will not only keep you busy, but it will also protect your body from unhealthiness as well as boost your immune system. After exercise, you will feel like it is a reward. Daily exercise can give the best results in quarantine.




Some people have a habit of something and giving up is a difficult task for them. But the most unfortunate situation is that some people have bad habits such as smoking, tobacco, betel, raft, snuff, and alcohol. The first people do not abstain from these things.

If forced to leave them, they go into depression. Not only do they suffer from anxiety but they also suffer from insomnia and insomnia. In order to avoid such a terrible situation, it is important to eat a proper diet, get a good and complete sleep every day and some physical exertion can lead to mental and physical strength.


Stay calm


People may not be as scared of the corona virus as they are of the 24-hour breaking news about the corona virus. It is true that it is important to be aware of the situation around you, but sitting on a news channel all the time causes depression. The message issued by the American psychologists to the public is to listen to the news only from authoritative sources and try to watch the news at least on television and especially on social media. The best solution is to break the silence. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and make yourself feel calm and this fear of the corona virus will soon die down. Pursue your favorite hobby, whether it’s listening to a recitation, reading a book, or meditating. This will have a better effect on you.


Keep clean

Everyone knows that the corona virus is spread through the hands, mouth and nose, so every effort should be made to keep yourself clean. But at the same time, keep your belongings clean. Doing so will not only help you clean up, but will also keep you busy. Like cleaning your quilts. Clean your kitchen, open all drawers, cupboards, reset them, and throw out junk and old junk. Throw away old paper, find a hobby to spend time with. Read books, try to solve puzzles, try new techniques, cook delicious food. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.


Don’t worry


Women, especially mothers, are extremely worried about the spread of the corona virus. In this regard, experts believe that children hear and do what they see their parents do. It has to be an example of teaching children. Explain to the children with reference to code 19 and how to take precautions. We are all human beings and no one is perfect. Perfect is only the essence of Allah Almighty. What any human being can do is precaution and prayer. In this whole situation, the daily routine of the people going to work has also changed. So they are also very disturbed because of this and after quarantining themselves they get into more trouble or those who are on work at home should also make their own schedule to avoid this trouble. When to get up, when to have breakfast, food, and other matters, especially for children, it is important to make a routine so that they do not have difficulty when school opens.

Spread awareness


Some people have a habit of deliberately spreading any material without confirmation and sharing false information without verification which not only creates fear and panic but also proves to be dangerous for innocent people. Disseminate information that helps raise public awareness. In this difficult time, everyone must agree on a statement. Not to provoke and spread division. To fight the corona virus together, it is important to protect yourself and others.

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