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Should the government put a ban on the production of crackers for Diwali?

Ban on the production of crackers for Diwali?


It has always been a question of debate that should the authorities prohibit the production and sale of firecrackers as they say it could be difficult for it to do so because the manufacturers of firecrackers and other people who generate income out of these like wholesalers, retailers, etc. can start doing protests. Moreover, there are still many people who do not want to stop bursting crackers on Diwali, so all these people can create hurdles in the act of banning the manufacturing and selling of crackers. There are many ways by which the government can ease its work of banning crackers but first of all, we should discuss why there should be a ban on crackers. 

For having a healthy environment 

A person can work more happily in a healthy environment, and productivity can increase. If there will be smog due to the bursting of firecrackers then people can get distracted from their work because of suffocation and breathing problems. This can happen even several days after Diwali. People find it difficult to see things on the road, which can cause accidents. This pollution can also have a long term effect on the environment as the temperature of the earth has risen because of pollution by these kinds of human activities in the past and this will raise more if these things happen again. There are other factors as well which are responsible for global warmings like the burning of fossil fuels by industries and vehicles but these things are required because industries help in the growth of the economy of a country and vehicles are needed to visit faraway places, but crackers have no use, and these give only short term pleasure.

For having healthy citizens 

People of a country can be healthy if the environment is healthy. If the air they breathe in and the food they consume is polluted then they can suffer from health hazards. The government should educate the people about the importance of good health and the side effects of crackers so that they spend money on Diwali dry fruits instead of Diwali crackers. The government can spread awareness with the help of radio and television. It can even take the help of social media as people are more active on social media these days. There are many people who do not want to stop bursting crackers because they are unaware. You may be thinking that everyone knows the harms of crackers, but you are wrong at this point because there are still many people who should be educated about the bad effects of firecrackers. 

For investing the money on more productive things 

There are many areas in which the money can be invested which is spent on making and selling crackers. People who are in the business of producing and selling crackers can invest this money in the things which are more in demand. Any product can be popular if it satisfies customer needs, therefore, they can invest funds in products that are according to the demands of the customers. As many people have started celebrating green Diwali they have also started selling green crackers which is a good example of how products are made according to the changing demands of the customers. Governments can educate people on how they can spend this money on charity in which they can give Diwali gifts delivery in Noida to orphans and old people who are not in a condition to earn money for themselves. 

For saving from loses due to fires 

Due to crackers, there can be cases of fire accidents where they can lose lives and property. There can be a loss of public property if the fire occurs in the nearby cracker industry. These kinds of accidents can take the lives of innocent people as well who are not involved in this kind of work. People who burst crackers can not only injure themselves but also others who do not burst. 

As mentioned earlier, the government should put a ban on crackers along with spreading awareness about the reasons for the ban on crackers which can ease the work of the government. The government can do all these things if it wants, but we can just expect everything from the government as it should be a mutual effort by both the government and citizens. There is no use complaining about the government as this can only make you feel bad that your government is not good, and you may feel unhappy about this.

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