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5 Tips from Successful Leaders to Balance Work and Personal Life


A perfect balance between professional and personal life is essential for success in life. With proper time management, it is necessary to give importance to mental or psychological stress. In today’s time, people allot more time to work than to their personal life, but it is essential to understand that for whom you’re working also needs your time and presence.

Talking about balancing work and personal life, a person from whom inspiration can be taken is Richard Warke a Canadian business executive. Richard Warke, Chairman and founder of Arizona Mining is a perfect example of a leader that maintains and promotes communication.

Thus, some of the tips for work-life balance are outlined below:-


The foremost and basic thing that everyone must follow is to prioritize the work. There are a lot of things to be done on a single day. But which work needs your attention more is to be decided by you. Not all the work requires the same time and effort. The importance hierarchy will help you to save your time and use it efficiently.


Self-love is nothing but giving some time of your life to yourself. People who are not aware feel it is funny. But it is as much important as spending time with your friends or family. One must take out some time for themselves. You in this me-time can do whatever makes you feel happy, may it be dancing, painting, reading books, and so on. But it is essential that we spend some time with yourself.

Work Notification:

Don’t bring your work to your home unless it’s very urgent. You should turn off your work notification after your work. This will enable you to enjoy your time. Will it give you pleasure to work when you are out with your friends? Obviously not. Thus there are times when you need to enjoy the moment.

Time for family:

There are a lot of things to be done by you. But quality time spent with your family is enough to vanish your stress in no time. You need not go out with your friends daily to relax. Sitting with parents and siblings will automatically relax your mind and will give a kick boost.


Analyze your daily work routine. If you struggle balancing your professional and personal life due to workload, then talk to your manager. Try to get things solved out. Exessive pressure won’t let you focus on either of your life. This will also degrade the level of work done by you.

No one can give the best in stress and tension. Some relaxation is required by all for better performance in the work field and to touch the skies.

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