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Your Guide on Buying A Leather Messenger Bags



With the world opening up and the majority of professions moving from the work from home model to the work from the office model. This is the ideal time to change that old, cringy bag that reminds you of the past and the time leading into the pandemic. Therefore, this is the best time to get a new leather messenger bag while you are at it. Since a genuine leather bag is usually a one time buy a commodity, it is better that you carry out your research before selecting one. Lexther.com has a supreme rage of messenger and briefcase leather bags that will help you not only in getting your things from one place to another but also getting noticed. Let’s jump into a complete guide for the things you need to see before locking on to a specific leather bag.

The Color

No one will ever tell you to move out of the black and brown dilemma while buying a genuine leather bag. This is where fashion and innovation trump old school thinking. A new trajectory of distressed leather bags is now being sold at Lexther.com where genuine leather combines with distress technique that gives the bag a unique vintage color. The bag may look old, but that vintage feel is where you get the second looks. The prime example of such a messenger bag is the genuine buffalo leather messenger bag.


This is another consideration that you should keep even before you check the price tag. If you only carry documents to and fro from your workplace then this rustic messenger bag is the ideal messenger bag for you. However, if you are an IT geek that holds wires, cables, and various laptops, then this big cow leather briefcase bag should be your ideal choice.

The Laptop Question!

This is an important question for bag buying folks which has taken presence in the past two decades. If you have your laptop on you at all times, then you should go for a genuine handmade leather briefcase bag that has a secure laptop space so you can keep your laptop secure while on the run. A better bet is to get a bag that has laptop padding incorporated like the genuine light brown vintage bag.

Carrying Mechanism

There are various ways to carry a genuine messenger bag which includes around the shoulder and in your hands. However, if you are a frequent flyer you must watch for a messenger bag that has a slip so the bag can go on to your carry on bag. This will only ease out your movement but also save valuable time. Furthermore, a specially designed bag can transform from a messenger bag to a backpack due to its durable shoulder harness. This big cow leather briefcase bag not only allows you a lot of space but various carrying options.

Value for Money

This is usually the number one factor when people buy a genuine leather messenger bag since it is an expensive commodity and a one-time purchase for a long long time. However, with the advent of modern technology and cheaper shipping rates, Lexther has achieved the goal of manufacturing and selling handmade genuine leather bags at a very reasonable cost. The vintage tan brown messenger bag goes for a $129.99 price tag which is unheard of in the leather industry.

Metallic attachments

Several modern age bags come with high-quality leather and craftsmanship. However, they miss out on a very basic need of every bag that is durable zippers. This is something you should always look for once you decide the kind and type of messenger bag you need. If you find the bag of your dreams but the metallic attachments are cheap, rest assure you will hat it midway your run to an important meeting since no one can afford a broken handle or a zip while on the run.

An all in one solution is never a possibility when you practicality and price of a genuine leather messenger bag. Although, we will stick to the point that a new leather bag that goes the distance is far better than buying a bag every two years. You have taken life by the collar and decided to live it to the fullest. Therefore, get genuine messenger bags for every occasion and rock every room that you walk in, be it your office, gym, or relative’s apartment. Get going!!

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