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Dealing With Drainage Problems – Choose The Right Solution To Ensure Long Term Positive Results


It can be surprising just how much trouble drainage problems can cause. From sinks and showers that overflow due to water that simply won’t drain away through to bad smells and even damage to gardens or the foundations of buildings themselves, poor drainage systems can cause all manner of nightmares.

For businesses, terrible, lingering odours may see individuals go elsewhere or lead to negative associations being formed by clients and staff alike, whilst for homeowners, living with the smell of blocked drains can lead to the home feeling oppressive and guests being left far from impressed.

As such, no matter whether you own a business or a home, it will be vital to sort out drainage problems as and when they are encountered. However, with so many options available to you, it may be hard to know exactly which path will be right for the issues you are facing.

Cleaning or lining?

The two main options available when drainage issues rear their heads are jet cleaning and relining. The option you choose will depend entirely on what is causing the blockage and the current health of your pipes and so opting for one without knowing the full story may actually end up doing very little to cure the problem.

Furthermore, there will be many different ways of trying to unblock drains, from using touted natural drain cleaners or heavy duty chemicals through to utilising the skills, tools and experience of a professional drain cleaning company. Again, this may in part depend on how bad the problem is, and should the issue be caught early enough then some good, natural cleaners may stave off major problems for some time. Regular use of chemical cleaners should be avoided, however, as these can cause long-term damage to the pipes themselves.

The easiest way to understand how to deal with more serious or more persistent blockages that refuse to be cleared with just a hearty dose of baking soda, lemon juice and boiling water, will be to consult a company that offers a full range of drainage services. If the company you choose offers only drain cleaning or only offers drain lining, you may not be told that the alternative is by far the best option. By choosing a company that can offer all possible solutions, the problem can be diagnosed and dealt with simply and effectively in the best possible, and be resolved sooner rather than later.

Drainage upkeep

Once you have had your pipes cleaned or relined, it will be important to address the way in which you care for your drainage system. If roots from trees may damage relined pipes in the future, dealing with them now will be important. Likewise, if a huge amount of solidified fat or grease has caused a major blockage, regular maintenance in the future will help avoid the same problems from being encountered over and over. Again, avoid using harsh chemicals and instead opt for running plenty of hot water through pipes on a regular basis, along with a dash of baking soda and lemon juice on a periodic basis.

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