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3 elements that differentiate a great essay from a good essay

From good essay to great essay


Writing an essay is anything but an easy task. You need to gather all your ideas and put them in the right words to draft a piece that appeals to the reader.

According to Ana, a senior writer at Myassignmenthelpif you are not really good at writing and lack the flair for creativity, then getting an essay done can be quite a task”.

While many students may submit an essay and achieve moderate grades, you may want to score more than average marks. And that is not going to happen if you write just a good essay. You need to put in that extra effort to write a GREAT essay. But what makes a great essay?

Here are some of the elements of a great essay following which you can deliver a write-up that is of gold-quality. Trust these three qualities to take your essay from a basic level to an extraordinary one so that you get to score a sure shot A+ for the submission.

Below are 3 elements of a great essay.

1. Appropriate use of language

An essay is mostly about the language and the tone used to write the content. It is about the words that you use to bring your ideas to life. Things like the structure of the sentences, style of writing, usage of grammar, and different literary devices all play an essential role in making an essay excellent.

If you want to write a piece that is more than adequate, you need to use exceptional language to leverage your writing. Your writing should appeal to the senses of the reader. The tone should be perfect enough to enhance your argument. The use of appropriate language can propel your essay forward and make a better impression.

2. Proper analysis of a piece

An essay should bring out the depth of a topic. Teachers always grade essays with a better score when the writing reflects a profound level of analysis of the issue. The deeper you dive into the composition by researching for more values and complexities, more likely is it that you will be able to impress your teacher.

A good essay generally includes an analysis established with the use of reasoning and examples. However, an excellent study involves a thoughtful critique that explores the deepest recesses of the topic.

3. Correct organisation of information

A lot of your essay banks on correct organisation. Unless your essay is in the right flow, the reader will not be able to understand the dots that connect your arguments or ideas. If a reader cannot follow what you have written or what you are trying to communicate through your writing, then he/she won’t feel like reading the piece any further. You may have to go beyond the five-paragraph essay structure if you want to cut the mustard. To write a great essay, you can use better transitions to strengthen your argument and add to its meaning.

You could add complexities and assumptions to establish every argument properly. In the end, you could round your essay with a conclusion that restates the thesis and ends with a question for the reader.

You can overcome the monumental hurdle of writing a great essay when you take note of the above elements. Not everyone has the penchant for creative writing, but that does not mean that you cannot write a great essay. All it takes is a little effort from your end to pen down the perfect composition that can fare beyond ordinary writing.

Summary: Essay writing can yield you the desired grade only when you know the tricks that it takes to produce a winning essay. In this article, we have talked about what differentiates a great essay from a mediocre one.

Author Bio: Remy Pennington is a professional essayist and critic blogger associated with She also hosts creative writing workshops and is a voracious reader.

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