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Top 5 Assets Of JakPak Machinery


Apart from quality and durability of different types of products, packaging of the same also has an integral role to play when it comes to making the same popular amongst the customer base. It is all due to appealing packaging of the products that the same are readily noticed by the customers. Hence it is very much important and in fact necessary for any business to opt for the right packaging options. In this respect, packaging machinery UK as supplied by the relevant suppliers is important. In the current content, we will have a look at the top 5 assets of the JakPak machinery.

Sleeve wrappers

Available in semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machinery UK, it is used to package multiple products together in a tighter and safe way. As per your unique needs, a film may be opted for by you to wrap all the products securely and rest of the task will be accomplished by this machinery.

Trim sealers

Suggested by the name, it is used to create a continuous seal all along the wrapped products so that the same may remain bound together. Large numbers of products can be sealed together this way within a few minutes.

Flow wrappers

It is a type of machinery that is specifically used for some specific types of products like the food products, medicines and the cosmetics. Facilitated by this machinery, sterile packaging of the end-products is enabled so that total protection of the same may be ensured. The products packaged with the use of this machinery remain safe against any contamination. It is a great way to ensure protection against moisture, dust and dirt as well.

Shrink tunnel equipment

As is clear from the name, it is great equipment that allows the users to create a tighter and absolutely safe bond around the targeted products. Heat is used in this case so that wrapping film may get shrunk and offer tighter packaging to the products. Heat may be produced using steam, infrared rays or other similar modes.

L sealers

It is equipment that is basically used to create a type of enclosed bag around the given products. Available in different forms such as manually operated, semi-automatic, fully automatic and chamber models, heat is used in such machineries also to create the packaging bag.

These are all the major assets of the JakPak machinery. You may opt for the finest and most suitable option in accordance with the unique packaging needs of your products. 

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