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Better Accuracy for Gears With Gear Shaping Cutters


People working with gears very well know the importance of their accuracy and precision. It promotes smooth flow and assures maximum performance excellence in its function. Accurate gears add life to working parts and assure better performance for the working of products, whether it is a clock or a car machine. Gear hobbing and gear shaping are two important cutting methods followed in gear manufacturing. Even though these two cutting processes look to be the same with the process of cutting gears, these are different. Gear shaping provides maximum accuracy for the gears when it is done with the best shaping cutters.

Gear shaping 

Gear hobbing is the widely used cutting process to create spurs and gears used for various applications. But there are several applications where this ‘blank gear’ made by gear hobbing has to be shaped to form internal and external gears with high surface finish and perfection. The right type of shaping cutters adds speed to the shaping process and can generate different gear types, including spur, helical, involute spines, racks, and herringbones. In addition to the making of several gear types, this cutting process comes with the added advantage of creating teeth close to the shoulders which are not possible with gear hobbing.

Perfect working mechanism 

Gear shaping cutters have a better mechanism than gear hobbing machines. The important parts to carry out the process include cutter attached on a cutter spindle, gear bank mounted on a fixture on the work spindle. The cutter works continuously and makes successive passes in downward (cutting) and upward (relieving) action. The process continues until the piece completes 360 degrees rotation and at that point, another 360 degrees cutting process rotation starts.

Different types of shaping machines 

The different methods or types of shaping machines include Electronic stroke shaping tools, Mechanical stroke shaping machines, and Hydrostroke gear shapers. All of these methods are proven to be the best for shaping gears with great precision. Present gear shaping tool manufacturers make use of innovative technology and techniques to provide accurate cuts and precise shapes for the gears.

Desired tooth form with accuracy 

The primary task of the gear shaping is to give the desired tooth form for the workpiece. Present gear shaping tools are made with the benefits of engineering and technology excellence to make the tool perfect to derive desired tooth form as per the unique requirements of the application with high-end accuracy.

Research brings results 

Gear shaping tool or machine purchase is considered a good investment. The investment should bring the desired outputs in the manufacturing unit. So, make good research online to find the best manufactures of gear shaping tools in the country. Compare the rates with features of the shaping machine or tool offered by the different brands to get gear shaper cutter at the best price.

S.S. Tools is a market leader in manufacturing and supplying gear shaping cutters with high-end accuracy at affordable rates. There is no need to think twice about ordering the tools from S.S. Tools.

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