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Candle holders or the candle sticks were originally meant to hold the candles upright and also to catch the dripping wax from the lighting candle so that it can protect the surface where the candle is placed and lighted.

Many houses use candle holders just for decorative purposes. There is a particular grandeur evolved in varieties of candle holders that are available these days. It is said that candle sticks became popular much earlier like in the 16th century and they remain as a popular decorative piece even today.

Here are some candle holder varieties that one can think about:

Tea Light Candle Holders

These candle holders are very common to see in many houses. They are very convenient to use and also look great when a certain type of candle is lighted within it. These holders are mainly used to hold the small candles and they are perfect when it comes to mood lighting. If one wants a romantic dinner date at house and they want to set up a perfect mood, then these holders can perfectly fit the bill. Also, these holders are not much expensive and so one can buy and use them for simple decorative purposes as well. There are certain candle holders that look like mason jars. They also look nice when it comes to interior decorations.


These are unique because they come from past. They are the candle holders from ancient times and they are used now as popular design choices. They are used as a part of decor because they are very much eye catching. One can use them on the top of a dining table as a decorative piece. One can also add some candles and light them if they want some mood lighting on their dinner table.

 Candle Chandeliers

Most chandeliers these days are made which can do well with the proper electric lights. But these are the ones which are held from the ceilings and candles are used to light up the room. These are very fancy candle holders and it can hold multiple candles at once. Though it is quite difficult to maintain a candle chandelier at home these days but there are people who are still fascinated by the grandeur of it. Installing a candle chandelier at home means one has to be very careful about it. If they are lighting it, they have to supervise it every hour.


Lanterns are also used as candle holders for long. Most people are familiar with oil lanterns but these are the ones where one can place candles inside and light them so that they become the light source. One can place them at the corner of the room, lighted so that it can create a beautiful lighting and a decor mood in the room.

Apart from these there are taper and votive candle holders which one can also use decorate a space. One can buy candle holders from online décor stores and choose the style according to their preferences.

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