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Which Photo To Choose For Obituary Tribute, Obituary Programs, Obituary Booklets?


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While choosing the right photo for the obituary, you must look for a great photo of the dead person. The picture should be of the highest quality so that it distinguishes itself from the rest of the photos of the newspaper where it is printed. Likewise, be it the ceremony booklet or any other funeral stationery, you should opt for the service of fast funeral printing to cherish the memories of your loved ones.

Whether you are looking for a physical or digital album, you need to consider a few points while selecting the photo for obituary portraits.

Reducing the Option

While choosing the photograph for the obituary, you can come across too many or a few photos of the deceased person. You need to select the picture that is of the highest resolution so that the high quality printed obituary can be made. Even make sure that if there is only a single low-quality photo of the deceased, then you should use it as having any photo for the obituary is better than no photo.  If no photo is suitable for publishing, then you can write the death notice without any photo

Quality of the Photo

It’s better to check the correct specification for the published photo, say for example if you are creating obituary portraits online, then upload and preview the picture in real-time. Then you can see how the photo will appear after publishing. Use the high quality printed obituary so that it can show the unique personality of the person who has passed away. You can use physical as well as a digital photo for publishing the obituary photo.

The focus of the Photo

Consider the focus of the photo while selecting the obituary photo as it is the last remembrance of the deceased. If you have the family photo with the best image of the dead, then crop it out elegantly if there is enough free space. Never publish the complete family photo or photo consisting of two or more people as if the person doesn’t know the dead person, they might think everyone in the photo is dead. Choose the photo that shows the face of the deceased person clearly as then the obituary reader can recognize them easily while going through the website or newspaper. 


The orientation of the Photo

Whether the obituary photo printed by fast funeral printing should be portrait or landscape is the biggest dilemma. You need to check what is the specification of the picture mentioned in the newspaper and the website. Depending upon the specification only, you can use the obituary photo in the portrait or landscape style, so it does not ruin the presentation of the photo.

Colored or Black and White

Colored photos are mostly used in the obituary photos; however, using the black and white photo can be considered a fantastic addition to the life story of the dead. If the photo is colored, then it will bring life to the photo, and if it is black and whites, it represents the old life of the deceased. While going for black and white images for the obituary portraits go for an image that is clear and can be easily recognized by the readers.

Show the Personality

The obituary photo should reflect the character of the deceased person. Share the picture, which shows the deceased person enjoying themselves or engages in their favorite hobby or doing something they love.

If there is no Photo

If there is no photo available of the deceased person, then you can use the picture of anything that represents their character, like things that are dear to them like a sewing machine or any special award, etc. Remember adding the photo of the dead can help readers in understanding the character of the person from the picture itself.

Avail the fast funeral printing services to get all the printing of funeral stationery done quickly without wasting your time in the mourning period. In this way, choosing the right picture for the obituary programs, funerals and tribute become easier. 

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