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How to Earn by Using Phone

Using Phone


If you want to earn Money by using your phone, this article will tell you how to make money. You spend a ton of time on your phone every day. Just imagine if you put that time to fair use so you can earn money on your phone by doing all those things that you are already doing, such as playing games, shopping, and downloading new apps.

How can you make Money from your Phone for Free?

There is some app from which you can earn Money on your phone. These are all free to download and use. Suppose you want to replace your job with any of the ways you can make Money from your phones. If you are earning online no matter, you are traveling, enjoying a vacation with your smart phone, you can keep on adding on your bank balance.


Mistplay is the game platform app from which you can earn a reward for playing new games. You have to download the app, choose the game from the mix list, and then start earning Money. The more you play, the more you earn. It is a good idea that can result in a big payday for mobile game lovers. It is the best and easy way to earn Money.               

Cash Pirate:

It is one of the best ways to earn Money s using the phone. It would help if you had an excellent smart phone and a good internet connection. You can do data entry and writing jobs too.

Through this app, you can earn points by taking a quick survey, playing games, and interacting with ads. If you completed any activity, you get coins that you can redeem or PayPal cash after you reach a certain amount. 

Fronto and Qriket :

This app encourages you to view news, product details, articles, reviews, and watch some ads to earn points. You can also make some bonus points for downloading free apps. The more energy you gain, the more PayPal cash or coupon you can redeem.

 In this app, you have only to spin a wheel to win Money. You can win any amount from 5 cents to $10 in a spin. If you run out the spin, watch some short ads to get more spin. You can quickly cash out with PayPal cash after you reach the $25.   

Earn Money any time you Stream Music: 

Listening to music is part of our daily routine. You may listen to songs while cooking, during your work, or during your downtime. Whenever you hear, the current reward will pay you for this. Everyday tips are an offline streaming music service with more than 100000 curate radio stations and songs worldwide. It is the easy and best way for earning Money 


Foap is the Money making app that allows professional and amateur photographers to make extra Money by selling photos taken on the smartphone. It is a crowd sourcing platform for brands and marketing and advertising agencies to purchase images from the foam registry. You register an account, upload your best photos with the clear tags, and get rated by the registered community; the higher the visibility of the images, the higher the rating. You can get from 5 dollars and up to 100 dollars per sale.

Advantages of earning Money by phone:

  • The first benefit of earning from mobile is that there is no investment needed. You have a mobile or an internet connection.
  • You don’t need to go to the office you can do your work at your home quickly. 
  • It is safe and comfortable because most of the online payment is executed from PayPal, which is the easiest and safest.
  • The online work is completely effortless because it doesn’t need any education or experience to make Money online in most cases.
  • You can easily plan your activities and working hours because you can work any day, any hour, and anywhere you want, but you must have an internet connection.

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