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Update Your Bucket List With These Places To Visit Near Tapola


Tapola is well known for its exquisite beauty resembling that of Kashmir. Most of the tourists choose this hill station as a weekend getaway to take a break from their monotonous routine. Tapola is the best recommendation to plan for your vacations if you hold love for adventure and nature’s beauty.

You can also choose to stay at the popular lake view resort in Tapola and explore it in the utmost comfort. So, to acknowledge you with some of the best places of exploration that you should definitely include in your list, the below-mentioned points are for you 5 Modern Ways To Wear Hoodies For Men.

Best Places to Explore in Tapola:



Falling to the ground from steep hills, this waterfall reaches the ground in a cascade series ranging from a height of 49 ft to 1,640 ft. This waterfall is seated in the Satara District’s Thoseghar village. In the months from July to October, this waterfall is at its peak due to the rainy season causing huge water flow. The waterfall is encircled with green hues of the fauna surrounding it. It fits perfect to soak in the beauty of nature and to click candid’s with such an extravagant backdrop.


The widespread beauty of this exquisite place covers a land of 1,000 hectares. It is famous as the valley of flowers that is perched over a height of 1200 m. The reason behind the extravagant flora of this place is the high rainfall it receives. Not only the flora but fauna is extremely exotic at this place making it a hotspot of biodiversity. Visiting it in the monsoon season can help you notice its beauty at peak. You can also choose to hike amidst this beautiful land of flowers in the months of August to October. Get your accommodations in the best luxury room resort in Tapola and visit this destination.


One of the captivating spots near Tapola that offers majestic views of exotic nature is Elephant’s Head Point. The name of this exotic point is due to the structure this rock formation has that resembles much like an elephant head and trunk. The valleys adorned with lush greenery can be seen from this point. Many people chose this place to get their photo-shoots because of the extravagance it beholds.


Located just a few minutes away from Tapola, Pratapgad fort was built by the famous Chhatrapati Shivaji. It is a perfect spot to notice the enchanting views of the Konkan Region. This fort is perched on a hill rising above its surrounding bestowing views of the beauty nature beholds here. It has something to offer for all the kinds of travelers that visit it be it the adventure, history, nature lovers, or others.

These are some of the renowned spots that need utmost exploration. The pleasant weather of this place adds to the ease of exploration. Book your stays at the famous lake view resort in Tapola, Shiv Sagar Agro tourism, and River camps and head out to voyage the city.


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