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Quartz Worktops Essex in Kitchens and Bathrooms


House furnishing is a task that requires a creative eye and mindful of ideas and inspirations. Every room in a house requires equal attention and detailing. Only then, the whole house would feel cohesive and appealing. Talking of house furnishing, the kitchen is the most important place in a house because food is stored and prepared there. The furnishing of the kitchen must be functional and appealing at the same time. That is where quartz worktops Essex comes in.

Worktops do not only make it easy for working in the kitchen easy but it also enhances the appearance of the kitchen. There are many types of materials that are used for worktops. Some of the most commonly used are quartz, marble, and granite. Although each of these has its own pros and cons out of these three, quartz is considered the best choice by people.



Quartz worktops Essex are chosen because they keep the level of hygiene required in the kitchen. As a naturally occurring stone, it possesses the quality of being anti-bacterial and antivirus. They are not high maintenance and comes in a variety of beautiful and unique colors. As the food is put on these worktops, therefore, it has to be made sure that the worktops are clean and free of bacteria. 



Quartz worktops Essex has a diverse range of colors. These are all-natural colors with uniqueness in each. People can choose from these colors as per the requirements of the house and design. Although, all colors look equally lovely. There are some colors that can go with any theme or design but there are many colors that are specially used with a specific theme.


Pros and Cons:

Everything has pros and cons. Although, quartz worktops Essex has more pros as compared to cons. These worktops are stain-resistant and water-resistant, which makes it the best option to use in the kitchens because worktops face water spills most of the time. It can also be used in the bathrooms where water spills are normal and quarts being stain resistant makes it easy for worktop not to have marks of water spills on them.

However, there is one disadvantage of using quartz worktops in the kitchen. Quartz is not heat resistant, which means hot pans and pots cannot be put on these worktops for a longer duration otherwise it will fade away the color of the worktop causing damage to it, which is irreversible. If one has to use these worktops in the bathroom, it eliminates the chances of the worktop being damaged as there is no such use of heat in the bathroom.



Although quartz worktops are low in maintenance, it still requires regular cleaning. Water or any other liquid spills like ketchup, coffee, oil, etc. should be wiped right away. These worktops should be cleaned with chemicals that are not so abrasive and contains mild agents that would not be harmful to the quartz worktops.

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