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The Effect of Immigration on Businesses


For as long as we remember people have been moving across the globe seeking their fortune and ways to earn their bread. It’s the 21st century and the situation is still pretty much the same.

People are still leaving their countries trying to find a better life in foreign, more financially developed countries. One such country is Australia.

Australia, today, is synonymous with a promised land to all the migrants looking to earn a living or build up a successful startup. Getting a working visa in Australia is not all that complicated and the startup scene in this country is very favorable.

However, the real question is how does immigration affect your businesses? Should you employ an immigrant worker? Are there any benefits or downsides to employing an immigrant?

Scroll on to find the answer to all these questions.

Immigration provides skilled labor and a bigger talent pool

People tend to think that just because someone comes from an undeveloped or less developed country, they lack the proper education and skill. However, they forget that the reason people migrate from their own countries isn’t the lack of education or skill but poor employment options or because they don’t think they earn enough.

The education and skill are not the problem, migrant workers all vary in skill and labor quality, they either own a university degree or not, just like native workers.

Immigration provides skilled labor and a bigger talent pool. This means that businesses and companies have more options and people to choose from.

This also means that you and your company can employ a skilled migrant worker. Of course, if this is something that you’re considering, you’ll need to find out more about this whole process of hiring an immigrant employee.

If your company is located in Sydney, and you want to hire a migrant employee, our recommendation is to consult with an immigration lawyer. An expert immigration lawyer from Sydney will be able to help you out with this process and all the paperwork. They know very well all Australian immigration laws and ways to make this process legal and a bit quicker.

Immigration provides new job positions

Immigrants that come searching for better job opportunities are not only skilled, but they bring new skills that employers are desperately looking for. Similarly, immigrant workers are often ready to work in lower-skill jobs that native workers refuse to do.

More immigrants mean more job positions are being opened up. This also means that all arguments that immigrants are stealing jobs are unfounded.

Migrants don’t only come looking for jobs, they often come to open their own businesses. Which once again means that they don’t come to steal jobs, but to create new job positions and opportunities as well.

You could very well get a job in a company founded by a migrant, which you wouldn’t do if that same migrant didn’t come looking for a startup opportunity.

Immigrants fill out positions that are left open

Developed countries like Australia or the US very often lack the skilled workforce for positions such as healthcare workers, restaurant workers, hotel staff. More and more people are going to college to get a higher degree and get professional jobs in the IT department or something similar.

While the native workers are striving to get a degree and get professional jobs, lower-skilled jobs and positions are left empty. But thankfully, migrant employees are ready to work in lower-skilled jobs that native employees find unattractive or that are often left open and empty.

By employing migrants who are ready to work in these positions that are often left open, we are rounding out the economy.

Immigrants contribute to the economy

When the economy is rounded out it has the opportunity to grow. More immigrant workers mean more jobs, more working hours, and new job positions – this once again breaks all the stereotypes regarding immigrant workers.

Apart from filling the gaps with the low-skilled labor force, immigrant workers also fill the gaps with skilled and highly-educated workers. On top of all that, migrants bring in new business ideas and open new companies.

All this contributes to the economy of the country that employs immigrant workers!

Immigrants generate new demand

It’s a great misconception that the amount of work can be fixed – this misconception in economics is called the lump of labor fallacy. This misconception is often applied to the belief that migrant workers will increase unemployment with the local workforce.

The truth is that the number or amount of jobs is never fixed. Immigrant workers can’t decrease the number of job positions, but quite the contrary, they can increase it. They can also increase and contribute to the economy, they can bring innovation, round out the economy, and also generate new demand for different jobs.


If you were wondering about how immigrants affect businesses, here you have your answer – they affect it positively. Business and immigration go hand in hand – hiring an immigrant worker can not only benefit your business but the economy of your country as well.

By employing an immigrant worker, you are in no way denying a native worker a chance to get a job. Moreover, you are generating new demand, and rounding out the economy.

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