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Amazing Diwali Gifts For Employees & Staff Members-Diwali 2020


Festivals are special for each one of us. One of the festivals that each one of us is fond of is the festival of lights, Diwali. Diwali brings not just joy, but also a sense of togetherness and love.

We celebrate this festival with our friends, family and also our acquaintances. However, during this festive season do not forget to share the love and joy with your staff members.
This year, Diwali is a bit different than how it used to be every year. However, what remains unchanged is the spirit of spreading joy with others.

One of the best ways to share this festival with them is by sending them love and wishes, gift-wrapped. Yes, you got it right, a gift! The best way to convey your emotions, we have brought the most thoughtful Diwali 2020 gifts for staff members.


The traditional way of sharing happiness on a day as merry as Diwali, sweets never go out of style! Gift your staff members with a box of traditional sweets such as laddoos, barfi, etc. This is a lip-smacking treat and would make your colleague happy for sure!

Dry fruits

In this situation of the pandemic, which is better than something that is both healthy and delicious. Dry fruits are immunity, packed in a box. These crunchy treats are certainly going to make the receiver’s Diwali be a happy and healthy one.


Diwali- the festival of lights is incomplete without candles. Candles are available in various colors, textures, and fragrances. Gifting your staff members’ candles would be a thoughtful gesture and also a beautiful gift.


A gift with an epitome of benefits, plants are a great gift for all. Gifting plants such as the money plant, good-luck bamboo, etc. would give the place that it is kept an aesthetic appearance as well as bring you luck and positive vibes.


Gifting an idol of Gods and Goddesses to your staff member would help them embrace their spiritual side, especially on this auspicious festival of Diwali.

You can gift them idols of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi as they bring in health, prosperity, and luck.


Irresistible to everyone, a box of chocolates is sure to mesmerize the receiver. Your colleagues have been working hard all year, and deserve sweet treats to relax from the stress. A box of assorted chocolates will work just the magic.

Greeting cards

If you wish to go for a formal yet thoughtful greeting, greeting cards are just the option. They are the best way to convey heartfelt messages and will be cherished by the receiver for a long time.

 Customized goodies

Gifts that are custom-made always give a special feeling. You can gift your staff members desk essentials, key chains, mugs, etc with their name tag or engraving on the gift item.


If we are talking about Diwali 2020 gifts, a mask is not be missed out upon. Masks are the need of the hour and are also available in beautiful designs. You can give a set of masks to your staff member to remind them to stay healthy as well as enjoy Diwali.


One of the best ways to gift a few goodies packed neatly in a box or basket. These can include 2 to three goodies of your choice and would be perfect for the occasion.


Accessories always glam up a person. Gift your staff members accessories like earrings, phone covers, belts, glasses, etc.

They can wear and enjoy this as per their convenience and always remember how special they felt when you gift it to them.

Monetary bonus

Everybody would enjoy a little addition to their regular salary. Especially on a festive occasion, it would be worth giving a cash or cheque bonus to your staff members.

Apart from Diwali Gifts, don’t forget to gift your staff members happiness, love, and joy this Diwali!

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