Why Practicing Scalp Care Matters


Just as you might have a skincare ritual that features a cleanser and retinol night cream, there is also a growing demand for scalp care. After all, this area of your body is still skin that needs tending to on a regular basis. It’s common for there to be build-up, stress and even damage to the scalp that can impact the skin and your precious hair follicles. Read on to learn about why you should start taking better care of your scalp and where to begin.

Your Scalp is Skin, Too

It seems obvious, but many don’t give the skin on their scalp as much attention as they do their face. You might use a rose quartz roller and targeted eye cream all to care for different areas on your face. The scalp creates sebum and can experience oil build-up just as the face can. It even has its own microbiome that, when not in balance, can feel irritating or trap potential bacteria just like any other area of the body. The big difference? There are usually hair follicles that can be impacted by the state of the scalp. This means that proper cleansing and nourishment can not only support the scalp but may support your hair’s appearance, too.

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A Balanced Scalp Can Lead to Thicker-Looking Hair

A well-kept scalp can lead to hair that looks stronger and thicker. Just as you use serums on your face, the same approach can be applied to your scalp. Be sure you find a solution that uses a precision tip for controlled application after cleansing your hair. Seek out ingredients like loquat leaf, rosebay extract and camellia leaf to help the scalp feel soothed and hydrated while offering protection against free radicals. Larch tree is another ingredient to look for as it can balance sebum production for hair that looks and feels less oily. Part your damp or dry hair and apply the hair serum directly to the root and gently massage the product onto the scalp morning or evening. Be sure the product works for all hair types and is fragrance-free. Use your serum routinely and look forward to hair that appears fuller and more lustrous.

Scalp Stimulation Is a Game-Changer

Just as you might stimulate the face with products and tools, the scalp can also use that same level of care. Microneedling tools can be a painless and effective way to help the skin feel reinvigorated. Look for a beauty company that offers a tool designed specifically for the scalp that can encourage fuller-looking hair. This can be an excellent approach for areas where hair appears thinner or less strong. You also can complete this effective practice in as little as 60 seconds a day, morning or evening. Be sure to apply your scalp serum after microneedling for even better absorption. Enjoy your new scalp routine that can help you reveal hair that looks and feels stronger than ever.


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