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All you need to know about Banglarbhumi


Responding to the wave of digitisation sweeping across industries, functions, and processes, almost every Indian state has begun to maintain its repository of land details online. Land records here signify all kinds of information associated with properties or land, including location, ownership, registration, land value, and more. 

West Bengal is one of the noteworthy states in adopting digitisation in its governance related to land records via the Banglarbhumi portal.

  • Banglarbhumi’s record contains information of 4.30 crore plots (khaitans) and 42,159 localities (mouzas). 

Also known as Banglarbhumi, it is an online platform launched and maintained by the state’s Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department. The portal is designed to address all types of land-related queries via a unified platform. 

Residents can thus access WB land information such as area, property value, plot number, property jurisdiction, and so on for any of the registered properties. 

Such details can contribute to valuable information regarding things to know before buying your first home.

Banglarbhumi and its various services

The online portal maintaining the West Bengal land information offers several other services to departmental users as well as land and property owners in the state. Some of them include – 

  1. Details of land distribution. 
  2. Record updates made periodically.
  3. ISU management.
  4. Rent controller services.
  5. Application for ROR (Record of Rights).
  6. ARTI and LMTC training.
  7. The digitisation of WB land record and map.
  8. Thika tenancy.
  9. Various other citizen-centric services.
  10. Indo-Bangladesh boundary demarcation.
  11. Application filing of public grievances, etc.  

For prospective home buyers, Banglarbhumi provides them with the necessary information while conducting pre-purchase building inspections. 

Online mutation for better citizen-oriented services

As part of its citizen-centric services, the state government of West Bengal has introduced the innovative, automated mutation facility online. The mutation procedure applies to registered transferable properties whose final publications are completed, and land transfer isn’t initiated based on the holding number. 

Once the mutation is complete, the property’s new owner, except for farmers, has to make the property tax payment.

  • Every year, close to 12 lakh individuals in the state opt for property mutation.

With Banglarbhumi, no hassle of application filling is involved in automatic mutations. However, application to BL & LRO becomes crucial under two conditions:

  1. To rectify any document records. 
  2. In case any objection is put forth within 30 days of selling the land.

The mutation form is available on the web portal, wherein you need to provide details and scanned documents of tax and land bills. You will next receive an application number to check the form’s status. Proceed to pay the fees through net banking or your debit card to complete the processing. 

Customers can also choose offline fee payment and check its status through the ‘Online Application’ option’s ‘Application-GRN’ search.

How can the online portal benefit state residents?

Banglarbhumi WB and its services prove advantageous in various aspects. 

  1. Residents can access their land-related details 24×7 with just a few clicks.
  2. The web portal eradicates the necessity to visit any government office in person. 
  3. It brings more transparency in record-keeping and maintenance of land information.
  4. Irrespective of whether you are in a city or a remote area, you can access your property or land-related details from your existing location effortlessly. 
  5. Avoiding disputes from contradictory ownership claims is now possible with comprehensive plot and khaitan information.
  6. Banglabhumi makes the purchase and sale of property or land simplified.
  7. If entrepreneurs plan to establish business or industry in WB, they can easily check site availability via this online portal.

Additionally, there are certain dos and don’ts of investing in property for great returns. The exhaustive information on this portal helps prospective buyers find the best-suited home accordingly.

The process to access West Bengal land information

As a new user, you need to complete the registration on Banglarbhumi’s official website. Proceed with the sign-up button and fill up the public registration form with some basic details like your name, address, guardian’s name, contact number, email, etc. The next step involves the verification of these details using an OTP sent to your registered mobile number. Verify your initials with the OTP to complete this process.

Once the sign-up is complete, you need to log in either as a departmental user or as a citizen in separate procedures via username, password, and captcha entries to access the services.

Enhancement of user convenience with a dedicated mobile application

Besides this web portal, the state government has launched JomirTothya mobile app to provide live land data accessibility round the clock. This application provides details related to plot, khaitan, hal and sabek land, fees, relevant officers, etc. 

Records maintained by Banglarbhumi WB portal prove highly beneficial if you proceed to avail a home loan. Reputed HFCs sanction housing loans of up to Rs.3.5 crore against a few essential documents, land records being one of them.  

  • One can save up to Rs.2.67 lakh as interest subsidy on home loans under PMAY scheme.

For their existing customers, some HFCs also bring customised pre-approved offers which simplify the loan availing process and also help save time. These offers can be availed on a host of financial products, including home loans, loans against property, etc. You can easily check your pre-approved offer online with a few details only. 

The Banglarbhumi initiative has been undertaken to organise, modernise and digitise land records through a centralised management system. It relieves individuals of West Bengal from going through lengthy land-related procedures. Individuals willing to purchase a property using a home loan can make an informed decision by accessing this web portal easily.

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