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Interesting Things You Should Know Before Buying Apple Watch Series 6


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. voiced in 2014 that Apple Watch can be worn all day, for any occasion, it is as much about personal technology as it is style and taste. In other words, Apple Watch is an intriguing piece of technology that lets an individual embrace elegance and innovation at the same time. Following its gospels of uniqueness, Apple has never failed to present a handful of improvements from the launch of first series to the recently introduced Apple Watch Series 6. Besides, plenty of pleasant accessories like a link bracelet for Apple Watch doubles the essence of lavishness for its owner.

Here’s the list of interesting secrets that we are unveiling before you shop for the latest series of Apple Watch. Have a glance!

  • You Can Find Your Lost Phone 

Losing the expensive iPhone can be a pain in anyone’s heart, especially when you do not have another handy device with you. But not to bother, because that elegant timepiece decked on your wrist can help you find it. All you need to swipe up the bottom of your watch face and look for the icon looking similar to iPhone in the Control center. After you tap the icon, it will turn blue and automatically makes your phone ring or beep which is easy to track.

  • You Can Call The Emergency Service Anytime

Your prized-possession complemented with a black link bracelet for Apple Watch doesn’t just enhance style but can also ensure your safety. You can call any emergency services by pressing the side buttons for a few seconds. In addition, an emergency contact via a Medical ID screen can also be added to the device.

  • You Can Measure Your Blood Oxygen Levels

The recently enunciated Apple Watch Series 6 allows you to measure your blood oxygen level to keep the overall wellness in control. The device has an in-built app and oximeter to identify whether enough oxygen is being transferred to your heart and other organs or not. As a bonus tip, you can blend such a useful and outstanding gadget with an Apple Watch link bracelet to let everything happen in style.

  • You Can Change The Text Size And Level Of Brightness

Just like your intriguing iPhone, you have the option to change the level of brightness or text size if you are facing trouble in reading. The option of Display & Brightness in Settings allows you to make such changes. You can also switch on the option of Bold Text for extra visibility. Above all, you can experience the feasibility to the next level by coordinating it with a link bracelet for Apple Watch.

  • You Can Schedule Your Handwashing

Looking at the growing concerns of COVID-19 infection, Apple promoted the significance of handwashing by deploying the same feature in Series 6. Amazingly, you can set a timer for handwashing by going to Settings > Handwashing. These latest watchOS 7 tools then present you with a countdown of 20 seconds ensuring that you spent sufficient time to wash your hands.

In a nutshell, Apple Watch is all about allures and usefulness. Thus, if you are fascinated with a bundle of innovative features in iWatch as mentioned above, take no time and complement your latest series with a link bracelet for Apple Watch for extra lavishness in your store.

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