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A Look Into Calculus And Its Myriad Applications


Calculus is one of the most versatile branches of mathematics. Determining the relationships between variables is essential in numerous domains and makes calculus an indispensable part of science, engineering, statistics, etc. Naturally, seeking Calculus Cheap homework help Australia can be detrimental for any student looking to learn the subject properly.

Here are some lucid examples of the real-life applications of calculus for students to go through.

Applications of Differential Calculus

First-order derivatives define how a dependent variable changes to an independent one. Higher-order derivatives are differentiations of their predecessors and reveal further relationships between variables. Functions, their continuity and limits are crucial aspects that help determine the nature of this relationship.

Let ‘x‘ be the displacement of a vehicle. Next, let ‘t‘ represent time. Consider time to be independent of any other factor or variable. Now, if the car accelerates, its displacement will begin to change with time.

  1. Thus, the vehicle’s velocity can be given by v=dx/dt, where dx is a tiny change in vehicle displacement, and dt is a similarly minute change in time. This velocity is called instantaneous speed.

Analog and digital speedometers in different land vehicles display instantaneous velocity. Airspeed indicators in aircraft show instantaneous flight velocity compared to the wind-speed.

  1. If a second-order differentiation is carried out, then we obtain the rate of acceleration of a vehicle. Acceleration is the rate of change of instantaneous velocity and is given as a=’ dv/d’ =’ d2x/dt2. Thus, acceleration is the second-order time derivative of displacement.

Accelerometers are used to measure vibrations, seismic activity, inclination, inertial navigation systems, vehicle safety, and stability systems, etc.

Availing cheap homework help from random online services might cause difficulties in relating the velocity, relative velocity, and acceleration of a moving entity with calculus. Practice hard and be clear with your concepts to ace any sum with ease.

Integral Calculus and its applications

Integrations or anti-derivatives find widespread applications in business & economics, environmental science, probability, and statistics.

The word integration means summing up all different parts. If differentiation divides the area under a graphical curve into tiny pieces, then integration sums up all infinitesimal parts under that curve to find the total area. Consider the following.

In science and engineering, Work = force * displacement

In other words, if you can displace something by exerting force, then you are doing some work.

  • Now let, f= force and s=displacement.
  • We consider that a constant amount of force is used to displace a vehicle (consider the same one in the previous section) concerning time.
  • Suppose the time interval is divided into multiple infinitesimally small segments dt. In that case, we can represent s as a function of time as the exerted force continually displaces the body concerning the time.
  • Then, work done = INTt2t1 (F * [s(t) + s(t+dt)])

Or, Work= INTt2t1 (F * ds/dt), i.e., change in displacement, INTt2t1 denotes summation of all the infinitesimal parts of time between t2 and t1, the duration of the force application.

If we relate it all to differentiation, then

  • rate of change of displacement ds/dt is the instantaneous velocity of the car
  • its integration INTt2t1 ds/dt yields total displacement of the vehicle and,
  • multiplying force with total displacement gives us the entire Work done by the vehicle.

The odometer of a car uses the instantaneous velocity (the speedometer reading) to calculate the vehicle’s total displacement. Integrating displacement over a specific time-period also helps automobile engineers estimate the brake force required to stop a car.  No cheap homework help service in Australia or Asia will go into such details while explaining.

And with that, we wrap up this write-up. Let’s hope you were able to gain some ideas about real-life applications of calculus. Practice more and work hard. You will never have to avail of cheap online calculus homework help ever.

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