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Enjoy the music with Flow arts in Cacahoatan, Chiapas.


Flow art is a mixture of juggling, hula hooping, and balancing techniques that are used for entertainment purposes in Cacahoatan, Chiapas. Flow arts in Cacahoatan, Chiapas are gaining popularity these days because of amazing flow artists. In some countries like Africa, Brazil, and other countries where street festivals are common, they celebrate a carnival for flow artists. In this carnival, we can enjoy watching the performance of flow artist live. To become a flow artist, we must have good knowledge of this art. If you ever been to any carnival in Cacahoatan, Chiapas then you must know about flow art and flow artists. Here are some criteria that are essentials for a flow artist as a performer.

  • Art of balancing: – As a flow artist, we must have a good balance on the body. Some performance includes balancing a sword on the head, walking on thin ropes, etc. requires these skills hence those who have a bulky body and loses balance easily should not go for performance as a flow artist.
  • Flexibility in body:-When we have a flexible body we can adjust our body under any stressful situation. In a performance like passing through a thin circle, we require flexibility in our body.
  • Handling props:- The art of handling props is the basic prerequisite that every flow artist needs. Using props requires handling skills. If we have good handling skills and can easily juggle props from one hand to the other, then we can become professional flow artists.
  • Team work:-Flow art is done in dual or in a group. Hence perfect synchronization is required on every beat of the music. This requires good knowledge of teamwork and team spirit.
  • Knowledge of acrobats:- Every flow artist must have an acrobatic body. They should have good stamina and must be filled with energy all the time during the performance. The performance of the flow artist is very energetic and quick.
  • Regular practice: – Perfection is attained only after years of practice. A flow artist practices day and night for making their performance perfect and ideal for watching. The presentation of such performance is done in front of huge live crowds; hence it also requires lots of confidence.

Flow art is the best way to entertain people because it is a mixture of balancing, juggling, and hula hooping. The artist who p[performs this art in front of a crowd in carnivals are called flow artists. A flow artist is good at balancing things, has a flexible body, and is filled with lots of confidence and energy. They are very good acrobats and can entertain you with their performance. This art requires regular practice to attain perfection. It also requires the art of handling props efficiently during the performances. Enthusiasts can watch the live performance of flow artists in the carnival, which is held every year in Cacahoatan, Chiapas. Because of flow artist, many tourists come from different countries which increase the revenue of the state. Hence the government should look into this and promote this art so that it can be used as an attraction spot of the country.

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