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Top 6 reasons why you should host an Escape room Birthday party


Planning birthday parties is both fun and stressful. There are quite a few elements of a good party to take into consideration, and the responsibility of the party is a blast falls on you. There are some fail-safe steps to take in order to plan an amazing birthday party that will have everyone involved and having fun.  You want your party to be epic and memorable, but it is hard to find an activity that everyone can enjoy. That’s why you should host your birthday party at The Escape Room!

The Escape Game brings you into an immersive new world, surrounded by challenges and adventure. The adventures are exciting, epic, and inviting for everyone of all ages and skill levels. Once you choose your adventure, you will be faced with challenges and clues that will lead you to complete your mission.

Are you looking to plan an amazing birthday? Read on for the top 6 reasons why you should plan an escape room birthday party.


  • Fun-filled:

    The escape room birthday parties allow everyone to be the hero because each of your friends and family members brings something unique to the challenge. Are you good at spotting patterns and cracking codes?

    Or are you better at listening and communicating? Maybe your strength is that you’ll never give up, no matter how challenging a clue maybe. Whatever your own skillset might be, there will definitely be a place for it in the escape room. That’s what makes it so much fun. 
  • Something Unique:

    Planning Birthday parties can be both fun and stressful. No one wants a boring birthday. Are you tired of going to the same restaurants or cafes for your birthday dinner?
    Why not change it by choosing a unique and different activity? Such as an escape room! Escape rooms are relatively new, meaning many in your group will be trying this game for the first time.

    This unique game offers a new kind of entertainment. There’s never a dull moment in an escape room. It’s an action-packed activity that will leave you breathless and exhilarated. It would be one of the coolest and different parties anyone could ever think of!
  • Cost-Effective:

    Birthday parties are expensive. You have to buy a cake, order presents, and pay for food and beverages. That’s not even counting the cost incurred by booking an event or planning an activity. Think about the costs related to common birthday party activities. The price of sporting events live shows, and group dinners can add up fast

    .But you don’t have to break the bank to plan a fun birthday party. An escape room birthday party is a cost-friendly alternative to an expensive outing. The only cost you have to think about is the price of admission.So if you want to save money an escape room party is a great inexpensive activity you can choose.
  • Group Activity:

    It’s quite difficult to come up with ideas for things to do with a group.
    Unlike other group activities, the Escape Game forces people to work together and communicate in order to reach a shared goal. And without the distractions of phones and outside interactions, people really get to know their teammates well.

    An escape game offers mental challenges and exciting moments, in a live setting where everyone can participate together. No one feels left out. The friendship puzzle-solving teamwork experience is an escape room activity to promote cooperative skills like communication and listening. They offer fun and excitement for everyone who participates and are a great activity for group friends.From solving puzzles to discovering the final code, everyone will have a wonderful time at this party.
  • No restrictions:

    Numerous popular birthday party activities have age restrictions. A kid’s birthday party held at an amusement park can easily be ruined by a “you must be this tall/short to ride” sign. Tall/short height requirements aren’t the only restrictions you have to worry about when planning a birthday party.
    For young adults, a birthday spent bar-hopping with friends surely leaves anybody under 21 years old feeling left out.

    Birthday activities can have restrictions on age, diet, weight, health, etc.
    On the other hand, escape rooms are for everyone! You don’t need to worry about any restrictions. Escape the Room is for people of all ages and skill levels There’s no prerequisite for playing it. All you need to participate is a curious mind and a desire to have fun!

    Everyone is welcomed and can take part in an escape room, which is exactly why you should book your party at once. People of all ages and sizes enjoy putting their brains to the test of escaping every day.
  • Rewarding challenge:

    You have limited time to escape the room. That limited time is jam-packed with obstacles, hindrances, and pressure-filled situations.

    However, when the clock strikes zero, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. You and your team can enjoy a feeling of shared success. Escape rooms can be challenging, but you don’t necessarily have to worry about not making it out of the room.

    The result is a great feeling of accomplishment, which is even better than the joy of unwrapping a present. Escape parties ensure that everyone feels rewarded and accomplished after the time is up and you all successfully escaped.

    Escape rooms are becoming an attractive birthday party event for anyone with a sense of adventure.


This one-of-a-kind experience is a fun-filled experience for anyone looking to spice up their birthday. You can become closer to your friends, win a challenge, and even save money by booking an escape room. 


Your escape room birthday party will definitely be remembered. 

Throughout the adventure, you and your teammates will learn to communicate, trust each other and appreciate each other’s unique strengths. Your team will work hard to solve every clue and complete the mission. 

That’s why, whether you find a stash of gold or steal a famous work of art, solving escape rooms will bring you even closer to your teammates and give you something to remember for years to come. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your next birthday the most epic one yet? Well, you can make it a memorable one by booking an escape room at Breakout.


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