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Best Solutions To Treat Hyperhidrosis


There is currently no known hyperhidrosis cure, but many of the therapies in this guide have efficacy scores of 80 percent or more. In fact, often all it takes to get symptoms down to a manageable level is an over-the-counter antiperspirant. Sweat-not the fearless warrior of moisture! There’s hope, and there could just be a cure out there. When applied before bedtime and left to set overnight, clinical strength antiperspirants work best.

As early as 1 week, change in symptoms can be observed. Once enhancement is accomplished, as required to monitor symptoms, applications will occur every other day to weekly. Clinical force sweat blockers contain up to 25 percent more active ingredients compared to normal OTC antiperspirants. Let’s take a closer look at two of the most common items provided by Clinical Antiperspirant. SweatBlock Clinical Power Wipes are specifically formulated to treat axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating). However, in other body areas, such as the hands, feet, back and face, some users report success using the wipes.

A trade secret formula carefully formulated to avoid profuse sweating is saturated with each wipe. The formula is FDA approved and contains 14% aluminum chloride, the active ingredient for sweat control recommended by the # 1 physician. For plantar and palmar hyperhidrosis (hand and foot sweating), the SweatBlock Lotion was made. For 1-4 hours per application, one application will minimize embarrassing sweaty hands and feet. SweatBlock lotion contains a 20 percent aluminum sesquichlorohydrate smooth and quick-absorbing formula. Many governments’ directives that their people go out just for necessities, and otherwise stay home, have made many reconsider what is really a need. If you don’t have to, the general consensus is simply to stop going out, as well as to restrict your important trips as much as possible. In many cases, these new directives have complicated lives. This has complicated the lives of those waiting for elective procedures, therapies, or consultations, and has in some cases led them in the meantime to begin looking for alternatives.

Hyperhidrosis sufferers are a population who have been affected by these limitations. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating that affects about 365 million people, or at least 5 percent of the global population. It is a benign disease that is non-life-threatening, but studies have shown that the condition can adversely affect the quality of life and the general well-being of its sufferers.

Medicine prescription

Some patients receive a prescription for a drug that stops them from sweating temporarily. Such drugs exist in the body. These medications inhibit the functioning of the sweat glands. When using this procedure, athletes, individuals who work in a hot place, and anyone living in a warm climate should use extreme caution. It is likely that the body will not cool itself. Sweating that affects the whole body can be effectively treated by these medications. This drug may also be an important therapy for postmenopausal women who sweat only from the head in excessive quantities.

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