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What are the best Bitcoin wallets for Android?

What are the best Bitcoin wallets for Android?


The market of cryptocurrencies is quite jam-packed and filled with events. If you wish to be successful in this industry in any way. Then you need to stay updated about all the latest news and happenings in the industry. For example, everyone knows about Bitcoin. It is the top cryptocurrency today. Everyone wants to invest in Bitcoin as it has been a very profitable industry from the very beginning. However, when you think about investing in Bitcoin, you need to stay updated about the cryptocurrency. You should remain updated about Bitcoin price prediction. This will help you to come up with better decisions as a Bitcoin trader. One should also find yourself the best Bitcoin wallet that suits their needs.


When one is thinking about investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, then one should always select a secured Bitcoin wallet. All your Bitcoin cryptocurrency will be stored in that Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallets can be of various types. Today, we get Bitcoin wallets even for androids. News about Bitcoin will get you updates about such wallets and other things, such as the most well-known bitcoin exchanges. The wallet can be rightly called one of the most important aspects of any bitcoin transactions. All your transactions happen with the help of the Bitcoin wallet. When you want to transfer your money from one Bitcoin exchange platform to the other, then you have to provide your Bitcoin wallet address to transfer your money in the right place. Therefore, this says how important a bitcoin wallet can be. If you have Bitcoin in a large amount, then it is all-important to choose a wallet that puts security on priority. You can go for a multi-cryptocurrency wallet as well. A multi-cryptocurrency wallet is a kind of wallet that lets you hold more than one cryptocurrency. When you are looking for the best Bitcoin wallet for android,  it is best to go with the ones that you can find in Google Play. You can also get reviews and ratings about each Bitcoin wallet there. This will help you to make a better decision as a Bitcoin. Given below are the best of some of the most popular Bitcoin wallets for Android. Think about them the next time you think about getting the best Bitcoin wallet for android.


Electrum Bitcoin Wallet


 This wallet is best known for its reputation and security. This app does not disappoint you. When you download this wallet, they provide you with a “seed” which can always be a key that only you will know. You can note this down somewhere or memorize it. If anything happens to your wallet, this seed will help you to rescue.


Coinomi Wallet


This Bitcoin wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet and hence, supports a lot of other cryptocurrencies. After you download this, you can select which cryptocurrency you want to trade-in. This wallet is equally strong in holding all the cryptocurrencies. Just like Electrum, here too, you get a seed that will help to rescue your Bitcoin wallet in case something happens to it.


MyCelium Bitcoin Wallet


This is one of the most highly rated and referred Bitcoin wallets for Android. It, in fact, has bagged the “best mobile app” award. It is open-source, which means that anyone can check-in for bugs and is quite easy to use.

The above-mentioned are some of the best Bitcoin wallets for android available now on Google Play. List out your priorities regarding what you want from a Bitcoin wallet. This will help you to easily select your Bitcoin wallet. See what Bitcoin exchange supports which Bitcoin wallet. Read about bitcoin and Bitcoin wallets. It will also help you stay away from frauds.

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