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Top methods to fix Yahoo error code 475


Yahoo is a popular mailing service which provides various additional features to the users. Yahoo has millions of active users who use this mailing service for personal as professional work. Yahoo is also known for providing reliable services but some people reported that they are getting Yahoo error code 475 while sending or receiving the email. 

Reasons behind Yahoo error code 475:

  1. You are sending a large file
  2. You are sending duplicate content mistakenly
  3. Sending the same email to hundreds of recipients
  4. You are sending an inappropriate attachment
  5. Wrong recipient email address
  6. The device is connected to the shared or unreliable connection
  7. Yahoo account is temporarily disabled

Fixing Yahoo error code 475:

Clear your Yahoo Outbox folder

Whenever you get an error on sending or receiving the email then you should immediately check the outbox. Clear your outbox and then try to send an email. Follow the mentioned steps for cleaning Yahoo Outbox folder:

  1. Open Yahoo mail
  2. Click on Menu icon
  3. Go to the Outbox folder

Now remove all the emails from Outbox and then restart your Yahoo mail application. Now check whether Yahoo email not receiving emails errors get fixed or not.

Check the file size

Yahoo has a specific limit for sending the files. Yahoo email sending errors can appear when you are trying to send a large file. Check the file size you can send over Yahoo and then check the size of your file. If the file size is big then try to send it in parts. You should also check for the duplicate content. Sometimes the user sends the same email mistakenly then also the user can get into Yahoo 475 error.

Avoid spamming

If you are sending the same email to hundreds of users in a short period then Yahoo may consider it as spam messages and show the error. You should avoid sending spam messages to prevent Yahoo errors.

Change your Yahoo password

Some people got this error due to multiple login devices. If your Yahoo email is logged in on various devices. When you get an error regarding Yahoo then logout your Yahoo account from all devices and then change your password. You should regularly change your password to prevent hacking threats. Login to your Yahoo account and go to the Menu tab. Now open the Settings page and click on Manage Settings option. Go to the Account Info page and hit the Change Yahoo Mail Forgot Password option. Enter your current Yahoo password and then your new password. Click on the Confirm button. Now try to send an email with Yahoo. If you are using Yahoo mobile app then follow the given steps to change the password:

  1. Open Yahoo app
  2. Click on the Menu option
  3. Go to Manage Accounts
  4. Click on Account info
  5. Navigate to Security Settings
  6. Enter the security code
  7. Click on the Change password button

Enter your new Yahoo password and click on the Continue button. Now try to send mail and check for error 475.

Logout your account from all devices

Yahoo can disable your account when your device is logged in multiple geographic locations. Yahoo can suspect this activity as malicious and block your account temporarily. Try logging out your Yahoo mail from all the devices and login it on a single device. You can also contact the Yahoo team and ask for troubleshooting your issue.

Connect your device to a reliable source

Sometimes you can get Yahoo mail sending or receiving errors when your device is connected to an unreliable source. If your device is connected to a shared connection then disconnect the device and connect it with a personal one. Avoid connecting the device to the public network. Yahoo can block the channel on public networks to prevent hacking issues. Always use a reliable connection while sending or receiving emails on Yahoo.



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