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How to write a Project Scope Statement?


What is the project scope?

Project scope comprises of statement that is provided to showcase the details of the work that needs to be implemented in order to deliver the desired outcomes efficiently on time within the given budget. A project scope statement is made in order to ace up for delivering the project on time without any downfalls. We can say it the simplest step to planning up, explain the boundaries, and expected delivery in the project. Project scope management is an important part of project planning. It involves a listing of project aims and objectives, tasks, budget deliverables, and deadlines. It can also be called a project charter.

As a project manager, practicing project management is a crucial step.

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Importance of project scope management:

  1. Project scope statement is needed to understand the projects, the limitations, boundaries, work process, delivery, deadline, budget, in short, the complete planning of the project briefly.
  2. The client or the stakeholders would definitely wish to know about the projects, boundaries, processes, participants, work breakdown structure, and deliverables.
  3. The content of the scope depends on the payment scale made by the client or stakeholder.
  4. The more they pay, the content they get in the scope.

Content of a project scope statement:

  1. Business goals.
  2. Description of the project.
  3. Deliverables.
  4. Project Cases.
  5. User acceptance criteria or testing.
  6. Limitations of the project.
  7. Budget.
  8. Exclusions.
  9. Assumptions.
  10. Agreement.

Business goals – Every business has a goal. In the project scope statement, you have defined the goal. Here in this section, you will have to include the source, support, fund, and the reason for carrying this project with the processes involved to yield a good outcome.

Description of the project- Here, you need to provide a brief overview of the planning, processes, and deliverables of the project by clearly listing the aim of the delivery of the project.

Deliverables –You need to add a clear description of what you intend to deliver. You can also include small details of the project like amount, length, the quantity of any other aspects.

Project Cases –There are a lot of ways to approach a project. This varies according to situations and cases. There may be a situation that risks your budget and timeline. Mention the ways in which you will meet the business requirement in such cases in the project scope.

User acceptance criteria or testing – Your scope should contain acceptance criteria so that you can make a deal on what you will deliver, leaving no queries until the project is completed.

Limitations of the project – A project has its own limitations. It is your duty to maintain the limit and do not exceed it and yet deliver the project on time under the assured budget.

Budget –This is completely optional. It is your wish to include or not to include in your project scope statement. The clear and openly discuss the cost and the work, the easier it will be for you.

Exclusions – To provide any sort of miscommunication and dissatisfaction. It is necessary to note the down exclusions along with the deliveries.

Assumptions – It is necessary to list down all the assumptions you made that may affect the work or outcomes, or else you might end up with problems and confusion.

Agreement – Do not forget to include a signature section in the project scope documents to prove the agreement. This needs to be done as a project scope document is not less than a contract.

How to write a project scope statement?

Step 1 – List down the stakeholders and clients of the project.

Step 2 – List the limitations and boundaries from the point of view of each stakeholder.

Step 3 – List down the risk that you might face for successfully deliver the project.

Step 4 – List down the main aim and objective of the project.

Step 5 – Write down the important risk and decisions you need to make.

(Do not forget to mention all the above contents in your project scope statement)

Step 6 – Include a signature section below to confirm the contract and make the agreement.

Project Scope Statement is also known as contracts, proposals, Statement of Work (SoW).

N.B. A project scope statement is not the same as the following agreements:

  1. Non-disclosure agreement.
  2. Masters service agreement.
  3. Independent contractor agreement.
  4. Service level agreement.

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