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Trading Insights: Negative Effects of News on Currency CFDs

Trading Insights: Negative Effects of News on Currency CFDs


The News is one of the most powerful trading tools for traders of Currency CFDs because of its advantages in terms of its simplicity and availability. Business news articles especially those related to Forex are readily available both online and offline. These news articles play an important role in the traders’  active participation in the market because it offers simplified details of the many factors that affect market movements.  The main catch for several news traders is to catch the hottest breaking news because experts say that it may create an effect from several minutes to days after the release of the said item. The truth is, it is hard to predict when a news is going to particularly move market rates. Thus, traders are therefore advised not to solely rely on news when planning for a profitable position because it can lead to the following disadvantages.

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1.False impact


Fake outs are published news articles that seem to have a major impact in the market. It is called a fake out because what seems to be a major impact turns out to have a very little or no impact in the market at all.


  1. Failure to Analyze

Some traders read the news to identify or predict which commodities would either have a higher or lower rate in the market. And because most news readers are busy individuals, they literally read the news without thinking if a news article is applicable for a bullish or bearish market.

  1. Decisions via emotion 

Because of the fact that traders dig for breaking business news articles, newbies have the tendency to analyze market flow using the details that are indicated in the article. If this happens, there is a possibility that their predictions will be based on how they feel about the material. Hence, this may lead to a surprisingly wrong outcome.

  1. Fake News 

News traders need to carefully screen news articles particularly those that are published on the internet because several websites have click bait articles. Since trading is one of the hottest trending searches in the internet, some website administrators would create unverified news articles and post them on the internet to gain attention.


  1. Negative Psychological Effect

Psychologists attest that negative news has a negative impact on our thinking. Thus, if an alarming business news affects a trader, he may have the tendency to panic and lose focus  on his strategy.


Tips for Effective News Trading

1.Learn to use news indicators and economic calendars to help you make predictions on recently read news.

  1. Familiarize yourself on the 6 main news blocks. Bear in mind that the most significant news block is the one that talks about the important happenings in the world’s economy.
  1. Prioritize news that is related to your economic calendar as this kind of news can give a predicted market reaction, which increases the chances of successful trading.
  1. Rehearse your planned strategy via demo account.



With the disadvantages of news trading being emphasized on this article, we can therefore conclude that such a strategy may seem simple and easy to do but it actually requires intelligence and patience. Thus, a trader needs to consider several factors such as previous index value,  forecast for the news and even comments and gossip that were released on the night of the news release. Remember to always keep your feelings away from your trading decisions because a wrong placement of your currency CFDs in the trade may harm your career. So it is a must to trade wisely.

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