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Drug abuse can shatter relationships


Drug addiction can easily take control over and destroy someone’s life, including their lifestyles and relationships. It’s never easy to connect with someone who abuses substances, even if they’re family members, friends, co-workers, or neighbors. 

With the rise of drug abuse-related deaths, many families are affected, and drug rehab, intervention, and relational counseling is required. Often, people focus on the physical and psychological effects drugs have, but they ignore the toll they take on relationships. Social health is crucial for a patient’s rehabilitation, well-being, success, and happiness. 

Regardless of their social status, religion, gender, and race, many people seek drug detox because substance abuse takes over all their lives aspects. High numbers of families are experiencing the devastating effects of substance addiction because when individuals struggle with drugs, they take their loves ones together with them in the downward spiral they dive into.  

Why is this happening?

Lies and deception

It’s frustrating to deal with an individual abusing substances because they are very secretive of their daily lives. When someone centers their lives around drug use, they fail to notice they no longer control their lives. Often, when they finally understand how drugs affect their relationships and lifestyles, they immediately feel guilty and ashamed. The shame they feel makes them become secretive of their habits, and slowly, small lies turn into deceptions and lead their loved ones to take a break from their relationships. 

Most people use lies and deception because they’re afraid people would judge them for their actions. But instead of isolating themselves from their families and friends, they should better seek drug detox Los Angeles and regain control over their lives. 

Loss of trust

Because they constantly lie and deceive their family and friends, they lose their trust in their words. Secrecy and deception can quickly make someone feel resentment towards the patient because no matter how much they love them, they cannot engage in a relationship based on disloyalty. When loss of trust festers, it can destroy relationships, and romantic relationships are at the highest risk. People abusing drugs are often possessive, jealous, and afraid to discuss with their better half about their problems. They don’t want to spend time with their spouses if they don’t share the same hobbies. Trust is crucial for a relationship, and once lost, it isn’t easy to maintain a connection. 

Abuse and violence

Drug abuse can lead to domestic violence because of the growing resentment and anger the patient experiences when their loved ones disagree with their use of drugs. Often drug-caused violence has fatal consequences. When someone uses drugs and has abusive and violent behavior, a small fight can turn into an uncontrollable situation. It’s challenging to live with someone addicted to substances because they have a very volatile behavior. However, even someone who isn’t using drugs can exhibit violence because they’re angry; the one with an addiction isn’t looking for help or admitting they’re struggling with drug abuse. 

Drug abuse can break a relationship in many ways, and it’s best to search for help before your addiction shatters your connections beyond repair. 

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