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What Is Apple Sidecar And How Do You Use It?


If there is one thing Apple users have always wanted on their MacBooks is the ability to use touchscreen and at long last with Apple’s Sidecar feature, Mac users will now be able to do just that without any change to hardware necessary. This is because the new Sidecar feature, extends functionality beyond the MacBook and allows users to utilise an iPad as a second monitor! Users can also make use of an Apple Pencil if they need to write or sketch their project out giving them a wide amount of freedom and allowing them to interact with new apps in a more organic way than before.[ 20v usb c charger]


So, we’ve put together a small guide on everything you need to know about how to effectively use Sidecar on your Mac and iPad.


What Is Apple Sidecar?


Apple Sidecar is basically the addition of a second screen on a MacBook where the feature is incorporated into macOS and iPadOS and allows users with both devices to link them either wirelessly or wired. When the two devices are linked 

the iPad essentially turns into a second screen for your MacBook, allowing you to move any open apps to your iPad and treat it just like you would any other external monitor. The advantage of this feature is that it also allows you to use your iPad apps at the same time the Sidecar feature is active. So, it doesn’t limit the things you can do on the iPad but instead, much like plugging in an extra Mac or hardware using a usb c hub hdmi, it just becomes an extension of your Mac and it is pretty fast and easy to use.


Device Compatibility


When the feature was being developed by Apple, a lot of users were hoping that t would be compatible with all versions of Macs and iPads, including the older models. However, that proved difficult as the feature requires these newer devices as in some cases, there is a noticeable lag on the older gen when you attempt to use it. As such, there are only a certain number of Macs and iPads that support the sidecar feature as of now and these include: any Macbooks from 2016, iMacs from late 2015, all iPad Pro models, ‌iPad‌ (6th gen or later), ‌iPad‌ mini (5th gen) iPad Air (3rd & 4th gen).


How To Set Up Apple Sidecar On Your Devices


Setting up a Sidecar feature on your devices is very easy as there isn’t any extra software or apps that you need to download. To use Sidecar wirelessly, you have to ensure that you have macOS Catalina or newer installed and that both devices share the same Apple ID. They also have to be in close proximity (10 meters to be specific) to each other with both devices having their Bluetooth enabled. After which, go click on the Airplay menu bar and from there, you will see Connect to in the dropdown, where you should see your iPad’s name. Simply, select it and that’s it! However, if you don’t see the icon on the Airplay menu bar, you can simply open any Finder window and hold the green icon at the top left side corner. It will reveal a new dropdown menu that will give you options to either rearrange the window size or to Move To your iPad, which should get the Sidecar feature working. This should also reveal the airplay icon which will allow you to easily connect and disconnect to your iPad.


If you want or need to connect using a wired connection, you can connect to your iPad physically using the best usb c hub you have or a Lightning cable. If you were wirelessly connected before then make sure that you have disconnected for the Mac to recognize the cable connection. The befit of a wired link over a wireless connection is that it’s more straightforward and the connection less likely to break off.


What New Features Can I Expect From Sidecar?


The main benefit that sidecar offers users is that it acts as a second display. However, there is another additional features that the service offers which is a digital touch bar for Mac users who may still be running older Macs. This means any app that comes with Touch Bar features can be easily and conveniently displayed on the iPad, this makes it easier especially for digital users who require extensive functionality such as artists, music producers etc.[ macbook pro 13 inch leather sleeve]




At it’s core the Sidecar feature expands the real estate of your Mac while also doubling the utility value of any iPad, which will instantly prove to be something valuable once you start to use it. If you tend to work on heavy softwares or have multiple tasks to tackle at once, the Sidecar feature is the solution to all your workspace troubles.

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