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How to Hang Pencil Pleated Curtains Dubai

Pencil Pleated Curtains Dubai

 often ask me when I talk to friends and acquaintances. This particular stylish How to hang pencil pleated curtains is something that many people of window covering allows you to create a beautiful illusion of space in any room in your home. Pencil pleat curtains Dubai provides a great quality of curtains as well as installation services. Here is how to hang these curtains to create a great space as well as an attractive feature in your home.

Steps to hang Pencil pleated curtains!

First of all, how to hang pencil pleated curtains begins with finding your curtain rod and eyelets. Take the first eyelet off the curtain rod and use the long end to thread through one of the two large eyelets. Once the first eyelet has been threaded through the eyelet window the second eyelet should be threaded through the other large eyelet window. If you  Do want this for both windows , and a set of two eyelets then visit our site: curtainsaccessories.com/

Next thread one end of the rod through both the window eyelets. Take a look at your window curtain to determine which eyelet will need to be moved in order to accommodate the next one. Remember, that each time the eyelet window is threaded the pleats will be open wider than they were when they were closed. This is something that will happen once you have the window curtains in place.

Pinch the pleats on the top of the pleated curtains!

Pinch the pleats on the top of the pleated curtains, but make sure that you do not pull or tug them. This may cause a hole in the fabric of the window covering and it will also prevent the pleats from closing tightly when they are pulled back on the rod. Now pull the rod up until the pleats are fully stretched out. Do the same for the bottom of the pleats.

String the pleated curtain strings along with the first set of window pleats and pull them tight. The second set should be strung on the second set of window pleats. Finally, string the last set of pleats on the bottom of the curtains.

Use an elastic curtain rod!

How to Hang Pencil curtains can be completed easily using an elastic curtain rod that is threaded through both the top and bottom of the pleated window curtains. Make sure that you have enough tension when you are doing this because if the rods are too loose or too tight the pleats will not close fully when the rods are threaded through them. and may not close firmly. It is also a good idea to thread your rod with a rubber backing so that will help to keep the strings in place.

When the curtains are attached to the rod, it is important to attach each curtain button to the rod with the corresponding eyelet. Do not use ribbon, as this can cause a fraying of the pleats. Instead, attach the buttons with the screws that are provided with your curtain rod. You should also add a dab of adhesive to the ends of the eyes of the window curtain to ensure the curtains stay in place. This is an easy and inexpensive method to complete this project, and it is one that can be done by anyone with very little skill.

Count on the window covering to give an illusion of more space!

I love how this is how to hang pencil pleated curtains because it adds some class to my home. I can always count on the window covering to give an illusion of more space. Pencil pleat curtains Dubai, gives the best quality of curtains create an interesting sense of space. These window treatments work beautifully when used in the dining area, bedroom, family room, den, etc.

I like to use curtain rods that have several eyelets and that are made of wood. They are usually fairly inexpensive, and they look great when hung in a room with a rustic or country decorating theme. If you decide to use a wooden rod, just be careful that it does not rust or split. The best type of wood is walnut or cedar since they are less prone to splitting and corrosion.

Use wood rod that is stain-proof!

There is no better way to show the beauty of wood than to hang pencil pleated curtains with a beautiful wood rod. A simple and inexpensive wood rod that is stain-proof is the best choice for this project.

After the curtains have been hanging for several days, it is important to check to make sure that they are still intact. If they do not close as expected, take the rods and pull them down a bit to loosen the hanging cords. If the curtains a How to Hang Pencil Pleated Curtains Dubai How to Hang Pencil Pleated Curtains Dubai are not going to close tightly after this, there are several ways that you can correct them, such as using different lengths of cords.


You have read the above guide on how to hang these curtains but if you ever get confused or find it difficult to do then  Pencil pleat curtains Dubai, is here to help you out with the best professional installation services at very reasonable rates.

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