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Best Souvenirs To Buy From Rajasthan – The Land of Kings

Rajasthan Special Things To Buy


Rajasthan is a place that exceptionally portrays Indian art, history, and culture. This rich blend of art and culture make this royal destination a great place to buy fabulous souvenirs. People all over the world visit Rajasthan and buy souvenirs as everyone loves to take special things with them as a memento of that place. However, to get hands-on with the authentic and best pieces of stuff, one needs to know about the right things & places to buy. Here we have listed some of the best souvenirs from Rajasthan you can buy when you visit the land of kings.

Jewellery and Gemstones


Rajasthan, being the largest centre of hand-cut gems, is also considered as the jewellery hub of India. Even if you are not fond of jewellery, it is very obvious that you might fall in love with Rajasthan’s jewellery while roaming in the local market. Rajasthan jewellery markets are filled with beautiful and unique designs of jewellery made of silver, gold, Kundan, Meena, and hand-cut gems like; Emerald, Topaz, Ruby, Garnets, and lots more. Jewellery designs in Rajasthan have an ethenic and royal touch that makes them so beautiful that no one can resist to buy them.

Best Place to Buy Jewelry in Rajasthan: Johari Bazar in Jaipur or any other tourist spots in Jaipur.

Ethnic Carpets- Rugs

Who doesn’t love to make their home look beautiful? If you are one of those normal people, then you must check out the ethnic carpets in this state. Rajasthan is the prime manufacture of carpets. Rajasthan is considered the hub of carpet companies in the country, hence here you will get an extensive range of gorgeous carpets. These carpets are adorned with diverse ethnic patterns like Charkona, Mehrab, Dushala, Shikar, etc… These diverse patterns along with dazzling colours instantly grab the attention of the visitors.

Best Place to Buy Carpet in Rajasthan: Jaipur, Ajmer, Bikaner, Tonk, and Barmer have major markets of fine carpets in Rajasthan.

Blue Pottery

Blue pottery is one of the most famous art forms of Rajasthan, especially Jaipur. Actually, it is Persian art that came to Rajasthan through the Mughals. One more interesting fact about this sheer beauty is that unlike other pottery, these are not made of clay. This famous blue pottery is made of quartz, raw glaze, sodium sulphate, and fuller’s earth (Multani mitti). In earlier times and even now it has been used to enhance the beauty of a home. Blue pottery products are chiefly decorative items such as vases, small bowls, ashtrays, tiles, plates, and are one of the most desired monuments of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Best place to buy blue pottery in Rajasthan: You can get the blue pottery at most of the tourist places of Rajasthan, however, Jaipur is the hub for authentic blue pottery.

Puppets & Stuffed Dolls

puppets- Souvenirs From Rajasthan

Dolls and toys crafted from wood clay, stones, and other materials in Rajasthan are not only meant for children but also for rituals and festivals. Especially the “puppets”, in a local language known as “kathputli” are considered as the heart of the Rajasthani handicraft and attract the eyes of lots of tourists and locals too. Those are handmade stuffed puppets that you can find in lots of vibrant colours are attached with a string. These beautiful puppets make a great souvenir for home decor and for young children to play with and you can ask them to create a play or dance with those puppets. A decent pair of puppets can be bought easily in the range of around INR 100 to INR 200.

It is very easy to spot hawkers selling puppets and stuffed toys in the local markets of Rajasthan, especially in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur.

Rajasthani Juttis

Juttis are traditional footwear made up of leather are very popular in Rajasthan. Generally, Juttis have a curved toe and you can find them in different colours and shapes. This ethenic footwear of Rajasthan is very popular because they are made of pure leather. These durable juttis look very classy and royal with most of the ethnic clothes. There is a lot of skill involved in making this footwear as they undergo serval processes.

You can easily get Juttis in any part of Rajasthan, but Jodhpur is especially famous for Juttis.

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