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Secret Hacks To Getting The Best Travel Deals


Traveling is the food for the soul. It helps us get away from the same old life, offers a slice of new lands, cultures and places, thereby not only nourishing our soul, but also enriching us as humans. However, the major problem is that travel can also be super expensive are flights, hotels and other expenses do not come cheap. It gets particularly harder on the pocket when you are planning an international travel as flight fares can be super costly, and to add to that there is an issue of currency exchange. However, there are a number of easy and secret hacks to get the best deals and lowest prices on your booking.

Browse using proxies

A static residential proxy will help you stay anonymous so that your internet search cannot be traced back to you. Travel companies keep track of your browsing history and use cookies to create personalized advertisements. However, what we don’t realize is that it is also often this is also used to set prices as per the customer’s interest, which means that if you are researching about a destination, not only will you start getting ads for tickets and hotels there, you might as well see a  hiked up when you get down to booking. Using a proxy, you can do your browsing anonymously and avoid paying higher.

Wait for low price timings

Usually the best time to start your booking is after the midnight of a Tuesday because that is when the prices are usually the lowest. Between Sunday and Monday nights, the prices are usually reduced to encourage more bookings and anything that isn’t sold by then usually goes on a sale on Tuesday nights. That is when you can get the best rates. Moreover, several airlines, hotels and activities are often at discount right after the major holidays. So instead of travelling during the holidays, try going after.

Join loyalty programs

Most airlines and hotel groups have loyalty programs, which offer heaps of rewards for their clients. Even if you are not a regular or a big spender, do not shy away from joining their loyalty programs as you can earn yourself some pretty sweet rewards in the form of airline miles, upgrades, extra days, free food, spa vouchers and other coupons. Most of these programs even offer points or lucrative rewards simply for joining. Moreover, in a number of programs you might be able to enjoy certain benefits such as free online concerts, food discounts etc out of your membership even when you are not traveling.

Flexible and last minute planning

Often there are a number of super cheap price deals if you opt for non-refundable or flexible bookings. While that might require you to plan with some uncertainty you will definitely get the best bang out of your bucks. Booking hotels and cruises at the last minute will also help you get expensive rooms and fares at extremely reasonable prices as they will give away the bookings of last minute cancellations off at dirt cheap rates.


If you love traveling, money is not the thing that should come between you and your vacation goals. With a little planning, and some smart money management you can see the world without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

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