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Interior design for Arabic Majlis Abu Dhabi

Inside arabian tent

The Arabic Majlis is a special room which exemplifies the Arab culture. It is usually the first place in which Arabs welcome their guests at home. For this reason, the Majlis is generally designed with lengthy discussions and prolonged meetings in mind. The Majlis symbolizes how the Arab culture has impacted architecture in the region. The Arabic Majlis Abu Dhabi has been an inspiration for architects throughout the world because of its unmatched beauty and elegance.


The original Arabic Majlis was constructed to welcome the umm Al-Nada (all women). This assembly hall was later changed into a mosque. When it was transformed into a national assembly hall, the Majlis was given a more splendid look so as to reflect the character of the state. Although its look was altered some time back, it has never lost its traditional character which has received entertained thousands of visitors all through the years.

Importance of Arabic Majlis Abu Dhabi:

The modern structure was built to accommodate the requirements of the King. Unlike the original palace, the Majlis has its own administration because it is a public building. In addition, the entry and exit has never been opened directly onto the King’s compound because the King could not afford to do so. The entrance to the Majlis is built on a roundabout thus, preventing direct exposure to the King. Moreover, the King’s official residence, known as the Al-Rabiey, also resides here.


This palace is located in a busy part of the city and is adjacent to the commercial centers. The main residential area is composed of twenty-two independent buildings and one rehabilitation center. It can be considered as a result of its location, its architectural style, and the social services that are provided to its residents. It was established during the rule of an enlightened ruler who made it his objective to establish an Islamic society that respects all religious groups and provides equal opportunities to all. This location makes it a great place for any students wishing to live away from their school and work obligations.

Arabic Majlis As a cultural Associate:

This place has a lot of cultural associations with other ancient Islamic cities. These cultural associations form the major part of the heritage and legacy of this glorious city. Through the ages, it has been an important cultural and intellectual center which provides a gateway to the world.

Arabic Majlis Abu Dhabi has a large number of monuments that can be found throughout the locations, making it a hub for architects and experts.


The palace in Al-Rabiey is built from the Banatiyein Palace which belongs to Abdul-Fedayeen. This palace is a combination of five ancient buildings namely the Al-Azhar Mosque, Safiyeh House, Banatiyeinah House, Mansurah House and the Maktoum Palace. Its location makes it a great tourist attraction, as there are a number of monuments located in this location that attracts people from all over the world. There are some magnificent houses that you can stay in Al-Rabiey and one of them is the House of Nobili, which is a century-old house and was featured in a movie “Lawrence of Arabia”.


The ancient city of Alexandria in Egypt also houses a large number of cultural heritage and architectural wonders. This amazing location was founded by a Pharaoh who is believed to have built it during his reign. It is famous for its great monuments such as the Temple of Horus, the Temple of Luxor and the Catacombs. This location is also known for its thriving architectural industry, which is today what is referred to as the Antique Markets.


Arabic Majlis and its architectural attractions deserve special mentioning, as they are a part of the Arab culture heritage. This is why people all over the world are fascinated with them. Arabic Majlis Abu Dhabi is a cultural center of Dubai, which is a very vibrant hub of activities as it attracts thousands of tourists who visit this place all throughout the year. It is here that you will find people doing sports like water skiing, wind surfing and other types of sports. Apart from that, it is also a very attractive place for shopping as you will get various types of items ranging from jewelry to clothes at very cheap prices.

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