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Tips for Cleaning Bed Upholstery

Brand new rental apartment: bedroom interior.

When it comes to looking for cheap bed ups, most people overlook the simple task of upholstery cleaning. If you are not aware of the importance of regular upholstery care, it is highly likely that your bed will look as worn and tattered as an outback steak. The reasons for this are numerous, but it can be brought about by a number of factors – from poorly fitted mattress springs to the constant threat of dust from carpet runners and vacuum cleaners. No matter how much money you have saved on cheap beds, if they are poorly maintained, they will look as worn out as a used car.


The first point to address when looking at keeping your bed upholstery Abu Dhabi clean is the quality of the upholstery fabric. If you are using a cheap fabric, it may well be possible to buy a replacement. However, for the most part, it is wise to spend slightly more on high quality bed cover fabrics, such as those made from Egyptian cotton or chenille. These fabrics are typically longer lasting and will withstand dirt and stain better than their cheaper counterparts.

Bed Upholstery Abu Dhabi Cleaning Guide:

Cleaning your bed upholstery Abu Dhabi regularly will ensure that it remains in good condition and looks new for longer. It is important to remove all dust and dirt from the fabric – including those small crevices where bed bugs and other insects hide. Dust and dirt can spread quickly throughout a room, making even the cleanest of mattresses a likely place for these tiny creatures to thrive. Many people fail to realize that they can purchase bed bug proof mattress covers to go into each and every bed in their home. These are available in many different styles, and can be a great investment to protect yourself and your family.

Importance of bed upholstery service:

There are many causes of bedwetting problems – from bladder issues to nervousness and allergies. No matter what the cause is, finding a solution for it can help reduce the chance of constant bed wetting. To begin, try to find any loose pieces of fabric, such as the seams on a comforter. If you can untie a bed skirt or mattress from its wrapping, this can be a simple step to take. If you find that a bed upholstery item is permanently damaged, however, there are a few more steps that you should follow in order to clean it properly.


Remove any items from the bed that could potentially cause damage – such as bedding and blankets. If the bedding has been in place for a long period of time and is made from thick material, it can be difficult to clean without damaging the fabric. As a general rule, try to wash anything made of 100% cotton with a gentle detergent. If the bedding is of a lighter weight, you can use a gentle laundry detergent as well. Do not use any bleach when cleaning bedding – even if it has been washed with bleach once before.

Remove Strains from leather:

Take time to spot clean the upholstery, especially stains. Spots are harder to remove than stains, but they can be done by gently rubbing with a solution of warm water on the stain and then rinsing it off. If you have an area of bedding that is heavily soiled, you may need to vacuum and/or steam clean it on a regular basis. You can also purchase bed covers – plastic sheets that go over just about any type of bed that can be cleaned in the washing machine. The problem with these is that many bedding companies only offer a limited selection of styles in this type covers, so if you don’t like the one you’re buying, you’re stuck with it.


There are several products that can be used to help keep bedding upholstery clean. A common solution is a mixture of three parts vinegar and two parts water. Apply it to a soft cloth and lay it over the upholstery, working it into the nap. Be sure to work it in a circular motion to avoid staining the fabric. This method works great for minor blemishes as well as more stubborn stains.


Don’t give up on your bed upholstery Abu Dhabi if you have an accident or something comes loose. If it’s just soiled slightly, you can take a damp sponge or wash cloth and do a spot cleaning. The detergent you use should be mild and you can get away with using any type of soap you want to. If you have real stains to remove, you can purchase a cleaner that is specifically designed to get rid of those stubborn stains. The best solution for cleaning upholstery is to learn the basics and practice at home an if you have no time for this task then you can also hire professional service from Abu Dhabi Upholstery.

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