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Qualities & Drawbacks of Quartz Kitchen Worktops Kent


Living beings cannot live without food and healthy food is the requirement of every living body. Humans cook their food in the kitchen. therefore, it has to be the cleanest extent of the house. If the kitchen is tidy, food will be healthy too. Food is prepared on the countertops. Thus, the counter is a surface that should be kept clean all the time. Besides cleanliness, kitchen worktops Kent adds prettiness to the kitchenette. 

People usually use marble, granite, and quartz for their slabs. All of these have almost similar qualities but today we are going to discuss quartz countertops, their properties, and drawbacks. So, if you are planning on purchasing new quartz slabs for your pantry, you must know everything about it.



  • Exquisiteness:

Quartz kitchen worktops Kent are the most exquisite natural occurring stones. There is a wide variety of colors and dissimilar patterns. Each pattern is distinctive and equally stunning. Some of the shades can perfectly go with all styles, while others are required to be used with particular flair. Therefore, if you are willing to go with bold themes, you can buy unique shades.

  • Antibacterial & Antivirus:

Because we are talking about kitchen worktops Kent, the surface must be hygienic all the time. Now, it is not possible to keep wiping the slab all the time, thus, quartz is highly antibacterial and antivirus naturally. This makes it an optimal choice for a cooking place.

  • Water & Stain Resistance:

Water and other liquids trips in the cooking house is a common thing. While preparing meals, oil, water, ketchup, wine, coffee, or other fluids can spill on the slabs. But you need not worry because quartz counters do not absorb these fluids and do not cause permanent stains. So, you do not have to worry about smearing it off at once. 

  • Easy to Clean:

These counters are easily cleanable. Simply wiping with a wet cloth can be adequate. However, harsh cleaning agents should be avoided because they may damage the stone or fade its color. Mild chemicals can be used gently. Other than that, there is no necessity to spray with antibacterial solutions because it already possesses this quality.


  • Price:

Quartz being rare is a little pricey when compared to other options that can be used in the pantry for counters. Yet, they do not look too costly because of their appearance and splendor. Its attractiveness justifies its price. This stone is quite durable and that makes it worthy of expensiveness. A good quality stone is always a good investment.

  • Heat Resistance:

The only shortcoming of using quartz kitchen worktops in Kent is that it cannot withstand heat. This means you cannot place sizzling utensils on the surface for a long time. This would cause severe harm to the stone with permanent fading of shade, which cannot be retained even after polishing. Therefore, placing hot pans should be evaded.

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