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Colours Can Transform Your Home into a Warm & Welcoming Place


After a hectic day at work, everyone wants to come home to a warm and cosy place. When you consider your home as your retreat from the outside world, making it a place to relax and unwind is essential. Regardless you live in any of the lavish flats in South Mumbai or a small house in Versova, there are some tricks using which you can transform your house into your happy place.

The key to create your ideal, warm and cosy space is by using the right colour. Different colours depict or bring out different moods; therefore, choosing the right colour is essential. You will be amazed to see what a new coat of paint can do for your home.

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With this said, today we’re going to discuss some colours using which you can give your place a warmer, cosy and welcoming appeal.

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Warm Colours & Cool Colours

The colours that can remind you of the sun or daytime are referred to as warm colours. These include yellow, undertones of yellow, orange or red. Cool colours, on the contrary, are those that bring out a sense of coolness in an environment. Colours belonging to the shades and undertones of blue, purple and green are considered as cool colours as they remind us of water and grass.

In order to set the appeal of your place right, choosing the appropriate colours is essential.For your convenience, we’ve jotted down some colours that you can use in your home to make it feel warm and welcoming.


Brown is a warm colour that you can easily pair with any shade of neutrals or even darker colours. There are tons of shades of brown from which you can choose. From soft latte to rich and dark espresso shade or you can even go with chocolate brown.


All shades of yellow bring a sense of warmth to the place they’re used in. As yellow is the colour of the sun, it’s quintessentially warm. It is also considered as one of the most peaceful colours. Similarly, yellow and its different shades are known to bring happiness, wealth, cheerfulness and enthusiasm to a place. Therefore, if you want to bring optimism to your place, paint it in any shade of yellow. 

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However, while choosing different shades of yellow, consider the room. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use sharp colours in your bedrooms as it’s a place for relaxing. It is more suitable for living areas or dining halls as it will bring in good energy to the place.


White, the colour of peace, innocence, marriage and snow, can bring a soothing and calming effect to any place it’s used in. It’s a colour that represents cleanliness and sanitation worldwide. Moreover, white rooms are tending to be more comfortable and sterile.

If you want to highlight the furniture of your room, white paint will be perfect for your room as in white places, the attention is immediately drawn towards the focal point, which in this case will be the room’s furniture. However, one thing that you must pay attention to if you’re going to choose white colour is that messy places appear messier if they are painted in white colour..


You might think that how can red be a warm colour? It’s too bright to be warm right! But trust us, if chosen properly, red can work out beautifully in any space. Even if you want to use super bright red, you can do it. Use it as an accent wall and blend it with some neutral shades. Nevertheless, darker shades of red such as maroon or burgundy are perfect for adding sophistication to any place.


If you are not a fan of red, then pink and undertones of pink will be perfect for you. In order to create a truly warm and cosy place, go with lighter hues of roses.

We hope that using these tips you’ll be able to give your place a fresher and newer appeal. These are suitable for every type of residential property. Whether you live in one of the 2 BHK apartments in Mumbai or a small house in Delhi, these décor ideas are equally effective for all.

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