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Should You Get Your Wholesale Class 4 Softswitch from Big Names or From Smaller Developers?


Telecom operators and VoIP service providers would be forgiven for choosing from among the big names when it comes to installation of Enterprise class 4 softswitch. After all the wholesale class 4 softswitch handles transnational bulk VoIP traffic and your revenues depend on quality and performance of this vital component. There are plus points to choosing a big name and there are downsides too. Surprisingly, some less known but no less technically competent class 4 softswitch developers are offering custom solutions at prices that the big names simply cannot match. 


The case for big name class 4 softswitch vendors

Telcos and VoIP service providers are likely to look first at big name vendors of class 4 softswitch. Some big names are: 

  • Cisco
  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • Metaswitch
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Italtel


Reasons to buy from these top names in wholesale class 4 softswitch

  • An established reputation
  • Access to state of art technology
  • Global presence
  • Reliability and proven technology
  • Others are using it so they cannot be wrong type approach
  • Experienced professional team


There is no doubt that their softswitches will perform as claimed. However, there can be downsides too. 

  • You may not be able to request customization of features so you pay for the standard solution that lacks certain features
  • Price is a key factor. Large companies have big overheads and must charge more in order to sustain their operations. Why should you pay for their overheads?
  • Support and services can be tardy as well as expensive. After all, with thousands of customers you cannot expect them to jump to your command. 
  • Large companies play safe and use established technologies with little scope for innovative features that would be helpful to telecom operators. Their brand sells so why bother to innovate too much or offer customization. 


The case for the smaller fellow

The global VoIP industry is on a roll. There will be over 3 billion mobile VoIP users by 2021 and the market size exceeds $ 77 billion. In this perspective it is not surprising that many enterprising, technically competent companies have stepped into the field of class 4 softswitch developments and made great progress. You could take a look at them for a number of reasons: 

  • Low cost operations translate to low cost of the wholesale class 4 softswitch
  • Flexible, innovative approach to class 4 softswitch development. If you want customization they will gladly do it for you and not charge you a lot. After all, they need business and will be quite flexible
  • Innovative features like induction of artificial intelligence and machine learning into class 4 softswitches.
  • Incorporation of elements of session border controller for better interoperability and security
  • Full scale analysis of existing infrastructure and assistance with integration into existing networks supported by training, installation and, importantly, configurations
  • You can even get it to have IP multimedia subsystem, which is worth considering given that VoIP traffic today is not pure voice; it includes data, media and video too in addition to growing mobile traffic. 
  • Total support in your migration path, whether you plan to go the IMS way, remain pure bulk carrier or operate voice over broadband service.
  • Interface with your gateways and core switching elements to work in a seamless fashion. 



Of the above, artificial intelligence incorporation brings about tangible gains in the way class 4 softswitches operate and benefit your business. 

  • The programmed call routing module becomes and intelligent call router, able to take better decisions on speed of routing, cost and call quality applicable to LNP/MNP and Geographic routing modes as well
  • Keep track of usage patterns and flag unusual activity
  • Keep watch on traffic and revenues and pinpoint areas that could do with improvements
  • Generate well analyzed insightful reports of day to day operations and periodic reports to improve decision making
  • Modular software that can be scaled, upgraded and tailored to slot into your business and technical model for ease of use and maximum performance
  • Accentuate security or media part or voice part or all of them with custom service by provider of wholesale class 4 softswitch.


Go for the big name by all means if you want top notch solutions and are ready to pay and keep paying. If you want best value for money and solid support then look to smaller but no less competent class 4 softswitch developers. They may be more flexible, better technically in different ways, amenable to collaboration and they will give you solid support. Give them a try. You could be surprised at just how competent such wholesale softswitch developers are and how much effort they are ready to put into your success. 

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