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Documents To Be Carried When Travelling With Your French Bulldog


A vaccination record is very important for you to have a copy of the vaccination records of your French bulldog. Although the Frenchie dogs are known to be the laziest breed dogs, yet they are sometimes very active. They also get involved in accidents which makes it very important for the owners to have a copy of all the vaccination readily available with them. This will help the vet to take the necessary steps to ensure that the Frenchie is perfectly fine.  In case you are travelling interstate or cross-country do carry the original records. However, for local purposes, a photocopy of the vaccine records will also do.

Medical history of the Frenchie

In case you are travelling, it is very important for you to have a record of your French bulldog’s health history. It is important for you to have a record of the health history so that the doctors can be made aware of the health problems that they might have with certain medications. Remember that your Frenchieis very sensitive and should be taken well care of. In the absence,of a medical history, it might so happen that your Frenchie dog might not get the appropriate treatment or might be given the wrong treatment.

Contact details of your French bulldog vet

Today everyone is dependent upon their cell phone. No one remembers a phone number but it is very important for the contact details of your French bulldog vet to be handy with you. In case of emergency or loss of your phone, you can still get through the vet of your Frenchie if you have the contact details with you. Your Frenchie dog might need immediate attention and in this case, it is important for the contact details to be readily available. You should not be wasting time in looking out for it. Therefore do note down the number of your vet and keep it ready with you.

List of the veterinary clinic

In case you have met with an accident and are unable to get through your personal vet, it is important for you to contact other veterinary doctors and clinics as soon as possible. This makes it very important for you to have a list of nearby veterinary clinics. Keep a record with you handy whenever you are out with your French bulldogs. Remember that when your Frenchie meets with an accident it is your responsibility to provide them the best treatment. It is only with the best treatment that a Frenchie dog can survive any kind of accident.

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