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Perfecting Your Adobe Spark Skills: 5 Keys to Success

Perfecting Your Adobe Spark Skills: 5 Keys to Success


It happens to almost everyone at some point. You get a new piece of software that you’re excited about. You play with it a lot for a few days or a week. After that, though, you always go back to the features you learned in that first rush of exploration.

Unfortunately, program suites like Adobe Spark don’t lend themselves to fast mastery. If you approach it the standard way, you’ll end up looking at other people’s results and wondering why your posts or videos don’t look that good.

If this sounds like your situation, keep reading for five tips and tricks that will help become a Spark master.

1. Start

Many people never get full use out of software because they never even start. They just stick with the features they know or intuitively understand. This will forever block you from getting better at Adobe Spark.

At some point, you must simply pick one of the three main options — Post, Page, or Video — and start trying out the features. Sure, it’s basic as Adobe Spark hacks go, but you’ll likely discover all kinds of new things you’ll want to use.

2. Focus on One Area

Adobe Spark lets you delve into graphic design, web page design, and video content production. Trying to master all of these at the same time will drive you to distraction.

Instead, focus on one area at a time. If you’re mostly interested in photography and images, focus on Post and play with features like image filpper.

3. Work On It Over Time

You cannot master most software over a weekend. You must give yourself time to absorb what you discover about the software. The best way you do that is by blocking out time to work with the software on most days.

4. Create a Project

A good way for you to learn software is to create a project with it. Let’s say you want to master the video section of Spark. You could make a video project where you explore a favorite food each day for a month in 30-second blocks. After a month of video creation, you’ll have a solid handle on the software.

5. Circle Back

It’s very difficult for most people to see how far they’ve come with new skills. Your proximity makes perspective almost impossible. So, you must periodically circle back.

After a month of using Post or Video, go back and look at the very first thing you did with it. You’ll likely feel shocked at how primitive it looks relative to the most recent post or video you made.

Mastering Adobe Spark

Mastering Adobe Spark begins as all learning does by starting. Then, focus on one area at a time.

Work on mastering the functions of Spark over time. Ideally, you’ll block out a little time each day. This lets you absorb what you learn.

You can accelerate the process by working on a project. See how far you’ve come by circling back and looking at your early efforts

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