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Which kitchen worktops should you buy- an ultimate guide?


There is one thing that can change the overall appearance of your kitchen. And that is undoubtedly Kitchen worktops Hertfordshire! Countertops are the most essential elements of the kitchen which increases the aesthetic appeal and adds a luxurious touch. Although it is usually an expensive feature if chosen wisely, it can prove to be the best thing you ever did. So let’s just begin with some of the gorgeous worktop choices, functionality, maintenance, and benefits.


Get the cheap laminate countertops

This worktop is gaining popularity because of its hardwearing quality and economical pricing. The best part about these Kitchen worktops Hertfordshire is that you can fit them yourself very easily, so apart from its cheap price it also saves you from installation cost. This is a low-maintenance material that can be cleaned with a damp cloth without much effort. It has good resistance to heat (up to 180°C), scratches, and stains. Incase if you damage your laminate worktops you will have to replace them, unlike wood which can be recovered with oil and glass with polish. You can get a huge variety of laminate kitchen countertops in the market which can complement the interior of your kitchen. 


Get the natural look with solid wood countertops

Are you planning to give your kitchen a traditional and rustic feel? Let us tell you that it is an amazing choice, to begin with, as it adds a natural and cozy feel to the house. Do you know an amazing fact about wood that will work in your favor? It changes color as it ages and can also be polished with different oils to change the color for uplifting the look of the kitchen after some years. Wood can be carved into any shape which makes it an easy choice to use under hanging sinks or any other complex kitchen design. These Kitchen worktops Hertfordshire need to be installed by experienced professionals as they know the technicalities and leave a 30 mm gap between wood and heat source. One drawback is that wood is a high maintenance material because it needs to be oiled after every six months. Oil helps to keep the countertops water-resistant, germs-free, and stain-resistant. 


Make your kitchen shine with glass worktops

Do you want a modern sleek look for your kitchen? Then the glass is your go-to choice! It is available in different colors to give the kitchen a light feel with the reflective surface. It is becoming a popular choice as people are realizing its strong and low maintenance qualities. These worktops are not made from any ordinary glass but a tough one that has heat resistance up to 400°C. However glass has very low resistance to scratches, so you need to be very careful while using a knife directly on this countertop. You can easily clean glass countertops and it is one of the most hygienic worktops. 


Install the strong granite countertop

One of the most common and forever favorite Kitchen worktops Hertfordshire choice is granite worktops. The richness gives with its earthy look, the strong nature makes it a durable choice, and unique patterns increase the aesthetical appeal. Being an expensive material and one of its kind natural stone makes it a luxury product which helps to increase the market value of your house. 

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