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The countless reasons why you should opt for quartz worktops


Do you know what quartz has to offer you? It is an engineered stone having distinctive qualities to overcome the setbacks of natural stones. If we talk about the natural quartz it cannot be used in its original state because it is a very stiff substance. Therefore it is engineered by mixing some chemical to take the shape of a solid slab. By undergoing this process quartz worktops kent has unique qualities and benefits other stones don’t give. Let’s have a glance at some of the reasons why quartz is a go-to choice.


Get it customized 

In comparison to other worktop materials, you can easily tailor the overall look of your worktops. Quartz can be easily shaped, cut, textured, or colored to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. 


Less costly than natural stones

Quartz is a combination of grace and sturdiness at a very economical price in comparison to granite and marble. You can expect the price to vary based on different colors, unique styles, and beautiful patterns.  


Beauty comes first

Unlike other stones, quartz is not just extracted from the earth, cut out into slabs, and delivered to goes through an engineering process that lets the sellers keep the beauty element in their minds. This is one reason why quartz worktops kent is gorgeous. If it is coated with a finish, it becomes more shiny and catchy.


Color and pattern consistency 

This engineered stone has a very consistent color and pattern from other stones. The engineers have kept the selling point in mind and have designed it in a way to attract customers and make it more eye-catchy. When the quartz worktops kent will reach your home, you wouldn’t find any fault in it in terms of color or pattern. 

Strong resistance to heat

When you buy quartz you get a bonus in a form of heat-resistant quality. This material has a strong threshold for extreme heat to a certain temperature. This means you can easily handle your hot utensils and pots but it is advisable to use heat pads before putting the hot pots directly on the surface so that it doesn’t burn or get damaged.


Nonporous qualities are very beneficial 

When you have quartz, germs and bacteria are never a concern. The Nonporous properties do not absorb any liquid which doesn’t let vermin to inhabit. As quartz doesn’t have pores it becomes more durable and doesn’t collapse over time. 


Easy to maintain 

You are not expected to maintain quartz on daily basis. You just need a cloth and soapy water to clean the surface for letting countertops stay beautiful and functional. The best part is that you don’t need to invest in expensive anti-bacteria solutions. 


Durable substance 

The ratio of quartz worktops kent is 93 percent natural quartz and 7 percent resin and color dye. This makes quartz stronger than worktop material other than stones.  


So get one right away from a huge range of beautiful finishes and prepare a healthy meal for your family on a stone worktop that is germs-free. 


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